Mighty man of old
how could you be so bold
in siding with other Titans
against the Olympian Gods
whence you clashed, and lost.

you kneel to better bear the burden
of your brazen foolishness
whilst some were sent to Tartarus
you are tasked to hold the Heavens forever
leaving mortals such as I
to ponder the origins of your birth
when you, Zeus and the other ancient Gods
walked upon the earth.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

This Farnese sculpture  created in marble in the 2nd century is the oldest one known of Atlas and many (like myself) used to think he was holding up the world, hence the expression: ‘Carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, when in fact, having lost the battle to take Olympus from Zeus he was tasked to Hold up the sky to ensure that the Heavens and Earth would never meet


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When Fates Collide

Zeus, The Greek Gods and the Pantheon
The Fates


With gold or silver thread
they spin their wheel of fortune
and thus decree
for better or, for worse
this is our destiny.

In ancient halls in Greece or Rome
they roam in realms of splendour
in alternate realities that
we no longer see
the Pantheon of Gods held
such a dreadful grip on
mortal man
… through fear.

Will I have cowed myself
before all their mythical might in
complete obeyance to the
vast reaches of their bidding.

(always defiant)
I think even then, as now
alone and, despite my meekness
I would keep my own council
forge my own unique path
upon this rock of life.

Because, it’s all about
taking chances
when fates collide.


© Daydreamer Too *All rights reserved

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In ancient times, I believe there were Gods and there were Godesses and then, we (mortals) came into being. We didn’t just dream them up because we felt like it, they had to exist in the first instance or, we couldn’t have known how to create them if they hadn’t first existed.

Anyway, history (her story) has always fascinated me. I love anything and everything to do with awakening knowledge of where we came from, how we survived and where we are going.

A very elderly (96 years young) scientist friend where I used to write once said to me: “Bren, we are not at the frontier in our discovery of space, Earth is the last outpost. Earth, is the last place life (as we know it) exists. Maybe he is right, our world hold millions upon millions of animal, plant species and it is the only planet that sustains all of this life through that very taken for granted but very vital blue liquid gold (water)

Why so many millions of different species all on one planet and nothing else alive in the universe? Makes you wonder if we were all ‘planted’ here so that everything in the rest of the chaotic universe didn’t all die out.

He maybe right wouldn’t it be so cool to stick around for a few millennia and discover so much more…

 Told you I was a deep thinker….. Sometimes, I even make sense.   LOL