At end of day
fresh snow flakes arrive soft, in silent play.
I watch as frost draws patterns on glass
pleasing to the eye.
It’s cold outside
so give myself a mental hug
and listen to keys which
stroke then, soothe.

Standing at a crossroads
but always in transition
our journey is the same
no matter what road.

We are all children
roaming in our soul
seeking the pathway home

Back to the ‘I am’
of spiritual self
who yearns to discover
secrets of the universe
from depths of a well within.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Christened C of E (Church of England/Christian)  My faith is in a God of pure love-light/energy.  Not in an angry, jealous, vengeful, Biblical God. I identify more with Buddhism than anything else but, am not even that either, really. I guess we all have to find our own way home back to the ‘Oneness’

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dVersepoets OpenLinkNight #23

Gardens of Stone

Piece by piece walls come down
as visions of another world
weave their tapestry.

No good chasing yesterdays
where fragments of my soul
fell into rivers of tears
from watercolour dreams
and yet,
all the colours of love
were there.

In this dimension
kindred spirits share their
hearts and voices with
cool breezes of the night
weathering storms of life
in search of tranquility
becoming shadow dancers
bringing life to
gardens of stone.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

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A hand … reaches
Pandora’s last hope, in open palm.

It’s all about love and peace,
she taught and, teaches still
tho’ her stone is mute, cold.

her thoughts are there in the ether now
in up and downward spirals.
On repeated prayers and gasp of air
which leave and then fan outward.
Become yet more ethereal strings as
butterfly wings which set
leaves on the bough to tremble
from anticipated thrill
and then traverse through living veins
sending welcome shivers to the brain
from that translucent touch.

Eyes are windows to the soul
I saw yours in those pools
can I forgive, again.
Would I have enough right stuff to become
another viable tower of strength
when I’m so tired of it all.

If I am love…

Somewhere deep within
(where I store my book of days)
through the endless nights
One day I may write
that yes, I forgave you
on a silent, Autumn breeze.


© Daydreamertoo  *All rights reserved

Some thoughts on how Mother Teresa helped influence our world
and some other thoughts wanting to be said. 
It is not about being submissive nor, weak.

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Poetry Pantry #62



I dance the dance of life
treading softly through my days
lest I lose all sense of
earths balancing vibration.

You are here
far away
where the waves rise and play
on some distant horizon in my dreams.

Always, love’s theme

a choral symphony
where I stop, pause a while
amidst their sublime and
sequined, aquatic flow.

So you
So me.

A crescendo builds
as your passion’s flow
(I’m sure)
interrupts the tranquil
hush of heaven.

Should we retreat

listen to our soul’s cry
and heart sighs

but yet,

mine still beats
and revels in its continued
Zen of Being.


©Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

 Always thinking….and life goes on.