Life’s Endless

My Guiding Light1
The wind has stories to tell
she speaks in so many ways

she comes in whispers meant
for my ears alone.

Sometimes she comes
with such a mighty roar
she can be heard for

life is such
a maze of

Gnarled fingers run
through fine thin hair
how wonderful the rush now
As sun warms skin
waves beneath
have shifted ice above
so urgent the desire to
flowing once again.

this heart yearns to free itself
from winter’s cold, slow dying

after all

winter is only one season of
Life’s Endless.

© Daydreamer      *All rights reserved

Winter Thoughts

The earth beneath my feet cooling
grows harder by the day
preparing for the deep sleep
of winter now.

Late Autumn fog replaced
with glistening white frost

Trees stand there
silent, bare
ready to clench their roots
as far as they can into the ground
for fear of snapping in these
coldest of climes and biting winds
which winter brings.

The bridge across divisions of
autumn and winter completed as
(no longer faint)
I see my own cold-gasped-breath
in-between watching the first
snow flakes dance across
my world


gently prod my thoughts into
remembering what it is I am
supposed to do
as the dog waits eager
to go onward and greet our
frozen new day.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*We were already out walking as these thoughts came to mind this morning.
It’s -6 c here right now. That pic is one I took of Tim last winter. He’s started wearing his combat coat again this past couple of weeks. Cute eh …lol

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Prepared for Anything

Rain pitter patter, sploshes
a drop of thought here
splash of thought there
memory jogged
(sometimes I miss them)
the ones I’ve always called
‘The gentle rains of England’

especially now, as we prepare
to enter winter with its many
snow squalls
sub zero temps and
bitter nor’easter’s
(shovels always near)
Oh yes, we prepare.

I mentally prepare to disassemble
something of great value
acutely aware that
(if it goes wrong)
there will be a high price to pay
for the learning
but, I won’t learn
if I don’t try.

A child I raise now wanting
to date
I prepare to share her
joys, happiness, heartaches, tears


here I am again
back in the present,
listening to the rain
preparing for the snow.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved


*I’m trying to decide whether to take my iPhone 4s apart so that I can teach myself how to put a new screen on it and then can do it for other people, for a fee. Not an easy decision to make when you know it’s worth over $400 if you mess it up but .. ..the only way to learn is… to do.
It’s how I learned everything I know about repairing & programming computers.
So, I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for the task, I truly love taking things apart but, have to know I can put them back together again and still be working….LOL
I took that picture of the iPhone a short while ago to show the weather here today…rain and, tomorrow the temps drop and we get our first snow of the year, dropping 10 degrees by Monday and more snow. (Yuck)

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Even Now

Sometimes life has its own way
of spiraling out of our control

So caught up in the
stretched elastic strands
we fight to survive it
Instead of living it
we turn it into our own
prison where hard labour
is enforced

looking back
perhaps we can then see
the big picture which softens
each blow and lightens our
resistance to change.

The loss of control enables
us to cancel out that hold on
the past and with subtle nuances
of introspection here and there
we can reach new depths
crossing other thresholds using
knowledge gleaned from that
humbling of ego.

Even now, as we move through
winters deathly chill we know
that spring awaits us all
with her promised gifts.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

In light of the now very difficult to read new Blogger captcha thingie I had also removed my own, although it was a lot easier to use than the new Blogger one is but, I’ve since had quite a lot of spam left in comments that readers have left.  One, was a long never-ending page scrolling list in Russian language about selling clothing, but another was to do with porn sites so because of this, I am putting my captcha thingie back on again. Sorry to those who hate them, I don’t mind them if they are easy to read, but Blogger has made a huge faux pas with that and, I think it won’t be very long before they realise what they’ve done by switching from one that is easily understood to one that is enough to try the patience of a saint.

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Night and Day

The day begins.
I cast off yesterday as
morning graces us with
a charming presence
(almost angelic)
as she pathes the way
to begin again

I foster no harm in
thought or deed
but time itself may
yet bring about ruin
on its own

There’s lightness to be
had in shedding.
Letting go of wounds
too close to the heart
which see us bleed.

Even in winter’s ice-cold grip
buds on the bough are there
waiting to awaken in that
warming by the fire.

Focused on what is
even in a dance of sorrows
there is beauty in all things

Even as the day will yield
there are still shades of beauty
as tired eyes accustomise
to shimmering scenes in moonlight
and we welcome the coming of


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

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The Perfect Storm

The message hits home
loud and clear
through words that jolt
this landscape’s stark

A pendulum swings
(though time is a constant
it isn’t always given)
and truths sharp edge
cuts through an ice cold
silence with a surge of
of certain pain to
aching bones.

What’s never been found
cannot be lost
and feelings whipped up
in winter winds may
sleep ’til spring reaches
in to detach their
grip of ice, with a
gentle easing, so
we can begin again.

Maybe we must simply
wipe away those liquid dreams
from clouding our eyes
and just ride out this, the
perfect storm


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Just some thoughts on the winter snow storm we’re having right now and how we each deal so differently with our emotions.

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Arctic Sonata

Music plays passionate love themes
and sun light too, plays across
the quiet hours.

Glass angels keep watch
over prismatic glass candles
each one, a treasure.

Emotions unveiled
(once clear choices, too.)
I reminisce
it is what it is
and, smile for their

Winter hearts beat through
these, the coldest of days
invisible  arms envelope
the ache
and I come to peace again as
we share the Arctic sonata.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Hard to find a silent place
where thinking stops and
love begins again.

In brutal fashion you arrive
with ice cold winds bringing
tears to eyes, and shivers to
join with aching bones.

In sullen mood which matches
gray skies I await the promised
fall with odd pleasure
because it wipes away the filth
of man and his hurtful touch upon
this sacred land
(if only for a while.)

Shadows and light play
upon naked branches
bent, from their burden
but not broken, standing still
in their quiescence.

This view of winter is harsh
and yet,
through turning pages and trust in
passing passages of time
warm winds will thaw the frozen
scene for love to
bloom again.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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The Cove part 1

It was ‘our’ cove. We walked it every day. The cliffs fascinated us. We saw Native American faces in them. Our Yorkie grew up with a young adventurer. Like herself, he too knew no fear. I was happy knowing they were both safe. Here, they could come to no harm. If he wasn’t doing his own ‘thing’ he’d follow me or Chloe. One day behind me she shouted” Hey Bren look how high I am!” She’d climbed about 15 feet up and was hanging off a cliff but my heart nearly stopped, Timmy was even higher at around 20 feet…

Only allowed to use 100 words sooo as it’s a cliff hanger is is…to be continued… on next weeks Saturday Centus


We all loved the cove. It’s a stretch of water called Northumberland Strait that runs between (our) Prince Edward Island and the province of Nova Scotia. We called it our ‘beach walk’ and, because other people only really went there during the summer tourist season, we usually had it all to ourselves. It is wild, not maintained at all by local authority. After tides, we used to collect beach glass there and other interesting things. I found it all so fascinating. To find bits of coloured glass on the beach that was all laying there glinting and sparkling like jewels.
Chloe, Tim (the dog) and I would spend hours there. We’d find, green, white, brown, and transparent pieces of glass but, the best ‘treasure’ to us was finding rarer red, yellow and, the rarest of all,  blue. Apparently the glass arrived there from having been tossed over the side from old ships or sail boats using the Strait.

We went there every single day, even on sunny days in March or April when it was all still frozen over and the track we drove down to get there was under a foot or more of hard packed snow. We would still try to get there. The only time we couldn’t was when the track was so deep in snow we would get stuck in it and have no way of getting back up to the road again.
Timmy loved being there as much as we did. He thought of it as an extension of our home. We were the only people ‘allowed’ to be there. For being only ten pounds he really is fearless. When the tide was out he’d climb all over the rocks and jump across pools of water to get further out. There was a Blue Heron resting on a rock once and he went so far out to try and get to it. If he’d missed jumping rock to rock and fell into a pool, the water would’ve been pretty deep for him
Such a boy!

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Crystal Serenade

When the house is silent
save those hearts which beat
inside its old walls
and give it life

would you know
a ray of hope flickers in the sky
has it been too long since
you dared to dream?

I see a sea of stars
across the universe and
question puzzles there
all waiting, to be solved
Here, amid the Arctic freeze
now with fresh white snow
to reflect upon

I’m dazzled by its light of
pure unbound beauty
while songs of winter lure me into
their crystal serenade.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I love hearing ice outside crackle. It almost sings as the sunlight begins at first, to warm it and it starts to move, before it melts.
Yes, we had a White Christmas  :)…. enough snow then to have to shovel, yesterday.

P.S. Although I love to see fresh snowfall I do not like to shovel it, nor (as I badly broke both tib & fib across on my ankle on ice in Jan 2007 and have a metal plate & screws to hold it all together) I like seeing ice through the window but due to that break and nearly 6 months before I could walk properly, am scared to death now to walk on it.

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Kick of Life

I turn away from a cold kiss
which clasps each breath as
winter’s dying bequeaths.

From a distance
vow never to let you go
yield your secrets through
a depth of pain and
understanding only you
could know.

In alliance with other seasons
all melting into you from
fields of iced tears and of
heavy hearts

In this frozen purity
and longest sleep of the just
from introspective yearnings
knowing this mood soon will pass and
spring will bring back that
new-born kick of life again.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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‘Please, please, please, please puuuleeeease! If you’re up there an’ listenin’. Winter is on its way an’ we ‘ad a ton-a-snow last night; enough for the trouble-and-strife (wife) to have to go out an’ shovel it. I promise never to go nuts again long as no-one comes an’ steals me n mine. Okayyyy?’


And there you have it… squirrels pray too 🙂

Very tongue in cheek and I’m sure the powers that be won’t mind enjoying a smile or three, goodness knows we all need them these days.

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Snow falls
soft, silent, virgin flakes
which cover the scene
with winter’s first new
blankets of wonder.

I wander paths that
haven’t been seen for
some time
and, you appear

Come close enough
to reach in through the
hollow of bones which ache
and touch the depth of
my spirit as it tries
to stay upon its
sacred road
leaving misery behind.

A world apart

All of life flounders
in the shallow of each day
but safe inside the hearts
of those who love
we breathe in
…exhaling clarity.

The snow dances her
sensual ballet for me
(a captive audience)
as chests rise and fall
all inside of destiny’s
seamless prediction.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

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Music of the Snow

We await her arrival
when the last stubborn leaf
finally gives up the ghost and
has fallen from the bough.

I, with mixed feelings
of love-hate relationship
(A true unconventional Bohemian)

She brings a hush that quietens
(enough sometimes)
to hear Heaven’s sounds in
nature’s timeless journey.

To see the sea of jewels
in kaleidoscopic sparkles
glitter and glow
stirs a dismayed heartbeat
into awareness that
life will still live and breathe
in endless flow
beneath her ice cold sheen.

Adrift in inner warmth
I’ll watch the Sleeping-Beauty ballets
recalling whispered moments
forgotten in all things that’ve passed
Yet, will return once more
in sensual silent dance
music of the snow.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

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Let it Be

Trees shed their leaves
leaving empty arms to
shiver through the
sleeping chill.

‘Let it be’
(she said)
‘Let it be.’

So, despite the cold
I stay among the living.

Winters breath touches
now in wind whispers
soon to set everything free
to be what it ought to be.
To sleep forever
to lie in dormant dreams
until spring arrives with
her promised nudges to
awaken once more.

Let it be.

Reflections on water
share passion spent in
expanding ripples and waves
until they exist no more.

The watchers are there
(I feel their presence)
listening for calls of love
from the song in my heart to lift
their vibration high into the ether
above the clouds
where more than words exist
teaching new hero’s on the ground
it’s best to just

Let it be.


© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

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