A Good Day

mornmist_image (1)A whistling wind whips up everything
including one of my garbage bins.
I hear the clunk, bang, slam
echo through the walls as it crashes
to the frozen ground

the dog still wants his walk
before the snow.
Camouflage jacket in place
the wind’s outrage is no hardship
to him as off he goes.
I hold his retractable leash
and follow, treading softly, slowly
around ice
(left overs from snow the other day)
aware there is more due to arrive.

My teen walks with us to the end
of the road
a quick kiss to the cheek and off
she goes to await her school bus
as Tim and I meander.

Skies are dull, dark white to grey
tree branches dance, writhe, sway
groan and moan to the song of the wind
as I pass a few women
coffee cups in hand
a man espies Timmy
gives a big smile and says:
“Good morning.”
I smile in reply ‘Morning” I say
(knowing he’s right) because
despite the expected snow
I’ll make it a good day.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

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Winds of Song

You move the clouds along
through the freedom of your sky
all on winds of song

create soft pictures which then please
a daydreamers wandering eye.

Sometimes your tunes echo
all around these lonely hills
and I am wistful


Earth feels your kiss of passion
as you sing a lovers song
and, sometimes when you stroke
her with such tenderness
she too, sings along.

Drift on precious wind
tuneful whistler of the sky


Who has seen the wind?
Neither you, nor I.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Eye of the Storm

I am the calmness
(eye of the storm)
inside the busy tempest
of you.
You are all the winds
that blow
untamed and oft times
dangerous to know.
You drive me wild
as you touch me.
Caress and tease my
senses ’til I
at the core.
You whip up my
heart like autumnal leaves.
Sweep it up then
swirl it around
take it high and
see it fly, carried
on the wings of your
fallen angels
I revel in the sway
of your currents
and ride the crest
of your thermals
the eye
(my heart)
always keeping
you from ripping us
I am the calmness
your storm
our strength is equal
and, pure energy born.



© Daydreamer Too     *All rights reserved


I used to call my late partner my Tornado Cat because (Her name was Cathie but, she loved being called Cat and, her life was like a constant tornado. She was hyper and always on the go. Her energy knew no limits and exhausted me. She would tell me that because I was so laid back and calm, I was the calmness she needed and sought, the eye of her storm. I grounded her, soothed, slowed her thinking down so that she could relax. so, I was literally, the eye of her life’s storm.

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Water, Wind and Stone



Across the water

she waits
where the mountains
meet the sky.

With a genteel radiance
she describes infinity
through the beauty of
her eyes.

Atuned to Earths vibration
I hear melodies in
hidden caverns
that reverberate to my
soul’s dance

Silent to all
save those who sing
of the joys to be shared
in the comfort of their truth


love still blooms
in water, wind and stone.


© Daydreamer Too     *All rights reserved


I believe that Love is everywhere…. both within us and without and, I believe everything we see and that which we don’t see is also alive, water, wind and yes, I believe even stone has its own type of life.

Love just….IS


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