Through a Child’s Eyes


Simple morning chores all done
she was drawn by the metallic tinkle.

To a jingle-jangle of sound
which echoed so clear.
It was sweet, sweet
music to her ears.

Such a beautiful noise
drowned the gurgling sound
of water swirling at her feet.

The chimes were not placed
there through error though.
As with most of the small
Himalayan village
her papa is a fisherman
and he’d placed them
there to please the Gods.

To ask them for their blessings.

In awe
…she hesitates
wishing so to own.
To covet their music-bringing-joy


as if to show displeasure
at being thought a toy
to her surprise
a sudden gust arrives
and blows the chimes just
out of the young child’s reach.

shaken by this
to vindicate herself of
anymore such selfish thought
of ownership
she gives thanks instead for their sharing
and offers a silent prayer.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

The prompt by Dani today at Poetry Jam was to use art/painting for our inspiration.
I wanted to write something to do with Tibetan wind chimes and, Googling it came across this artist’s stunning work. He has so many lovely paintings at his website.
Wai Ming

Shared with Three Word Wednesday: CCLXXIV Jingle, Error, Vindicate
Poetry Jam Painting a picture with words

Everything to Me


Clouds drift on by
in a dreamers lazy sky
whilst I,
in deepest contemplation
absorb each changing form
wondering at their wander.

It’s what I do
to bring me through
all the days gone by
then somehow, back
into the now.

(my dog)

digs holes in sand
simply, because he can
whilst I watch waves
come rolling in
do they crash upon the rocks
of my desire.

There’s thunder in my heart
and a fiery spirit
where passion still burns
Insists on stirring
my souls content
once more into longing.

Can it be
Will it be.

yes…. I can dream.

The kindest breeze
I’ve felt
teased my senses today
it was a hand I loved
caressing my cheek
(seemed to say)
‘Listen to my beautiful noise
as I speak through chimes
that will ripple across those tears
inside your waiting heart
and, ease its lonely pain.’

So I listened as the chimes rang.

Aware they came seeking my spirit flame
finally, resonating deep within
to shake the core of my being

and I believe it was then
an Angel sang to me.

‘You need to love and to be loved again
your health, well-being, happiness and you mean

Everything to Me.’


© Daydreamertoo *All Rights Reserved


I heard the most beautiful sounds from the biggest, deepest, loveliest sounding wind chimes I’ve ever heard. Such a beautiful noise, and instantaneous Daydreaming for just a moment of time….
I could’ve wept because their beautiful, perfect tones seemed to touch my soul.

The walk on the beach with Timmy (the dog)  is real. Those chimes in the picture aren’t the windchimes I’d heard, the ones I heard were varied lengths, the longest pipe of which was maybe 4 inches in diameter&  maybe 6 feet long. Their sound reverberated inside me.

Shared with Poets United #62 3rd letter of your name ‘E’
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