Dream Catcher

Lying there
feelings now unguarded, bare
laughter tickles
in feather light strokes
floating across a soul’s peaceful
river of thought.

A longing too dark to be seen
but still felt inside the dream
memories of coldness in
days without sun
yet there is no surrender
…no forgiving yield.

I cannot undo the done
and, a faceless someone
wishes me ill
Shoves into the midst of my dream
scares me into rapid heart beat
pulses race against doing her will.

The harshest voice I’ve ever heard
broke the news in shouts of gloating glee

‘You cannot dream what is not.’

Stifling fear she seemed so intent
on planting, I looked beyond her
to see my beloved white dove flying
once more, to guide.
To glide me through the horror
of the dream and lead me
away from those dark depths of despair
following her endless light
she’ll see me safely through
the rest of the night.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

I used to have such bad, chaotic, dreams. Thankfully, not so many anymore.

Shared with Poets United Thursday Think Tank #110 Dream Catcher


On hands and knees
to hide,
to blend into the scene
she becomes the quiet brave.

It took a forceful cunning
using tricks to save him
from the flames and then
yes, her master’s
dinner plate.

She didn’t understand how
it possibly could be
but she knew this dove was her
twinned soul
and even though she herself
was slave
she needed him to be free.

With energy borne of cosmic love
her heart skipped as they
exchange one last glance
to last for eternity.
One last shared thought
and with dramatic flair
one last push of will
and, wished kiss upon a breath of air

His flexible wings opened wide to take
in her breath and carry him up
to clouds on high.

The sweet release of letting go
will leave her richer for scars
she’ll later wear as the price
for setting him free.


©   Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

This is all fantasy based on the picture. I’ve written for this pic before but, it’s always intrigued me as to why she would be so dirty, on her hands and knees and blowing him a kiss as she sets it free. Why would she go to those length?
So, I came up with the thought of them being soul mates.  Who knows. Stranger things have happened.

Shared with Brenda W of The Sunday Whirl #51

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The Phoenix and the Dove

When all of life seems lost
and she settles down to die
she knows she’ll leave the
past behind
(those things that haunted and
hurt her in her mind)
but yet she knows full well
that it will never be the end
for life turns in circles
…circles without end.

So, settling down to die
sees her birth once more
and born of flames from
passions fire comes the
desire to want to live
to be
…to breathe.

She rises from the heat’s
exotic dance
arches her back in exquisite
excellence and fans the
flames with life’s desire.

The will of simply

She spreads her golden wings
and soars…
knowing freedom’s taste
once more.

But at times the Phoenix tires of
eternal night and day
when she does, the Dove inside
takes up her flame
and, the freedom

She’s the restful spirit that
exist’s in me
…the fiery bird.

She is all the peace there is

The calmness to be felt up there
within the blue who glides on
breezes that softly tease and
blow her feathered down.

She is my calmness
…my serenity.

The purest of pure white doves
who lives and breathes in me.
Spirit of heaven’s hosts who
teaches me most of all
what it is to love and
be loved.

She is my mentor…my guide
who sees with eyes wide open
as she flies the sky
inside a meditated calm
that is at One
with all.

The Phoenix and the Dove

I know them both so well now
for each has always seemed
an equal part
of me.

Each one gives me freedom
and when at last I lay me
down to die I’ll know
the circle is unbroken
Circles without end
for those two spirits will be
flying the skies unless
time eternal



© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I mentioned on the recent ‘Life of a Poet’ interview at Poets United with Sherrybluesky that I have always felt as if I have two very different spirits in me from which I gain, strength/wisdom, courage etc and, for some reason ever since I was very young I have always felt as if I know how it really does feel to ‘fly.’ To preen feathers, to lift them and fold them back into place. To open wings out wide, take off and fly. To be above the world to soar and glide with nothing but peace and the rush of wind in my face.
I’ve always had a feeling in another life that I was a bird and know the feeling of free flying and, a few years ago was told by someone who ‘read’ Native American stones that I have an Eagle, a white Buffalo and a Dolphin as my animal spirit guides. She said that to have an Eagle was so unusual because they are considered the highest of animals to have as a guide, filled with wisdom and, not many have them, but to have three animals which covered, land, sea and air was really very unusual and she told me I ought to allow myself to be guided by them.
I’m open to any and all things that spiritually enlighten.

Shared with dVersePoets Meeting the Bar: #Filling in the Gaps
Poets United Thursday Think Tank #88 ‘Feather’