The One

1210864-bigthumbnailSpeak to me through the power
of my dreams, if you will.

Take me to the places
only you have seen and
I will follow, trusting
as a lamb, in all
good faith.

Speak to me as I make
my way on
lifes confusing paths,
and in the silent hours
where energy replenishes
the soul, I will grow
within the balance
and harmony of that
blessed glow
of light.

Speak to me that I may
learn just some of what
there is to know, and
continue to teach a child that
she too may grow wise
in living, loving

I see your face in the
stars that light the sky
and in rays which warm us
on coldest, winter days.

I hear your voice in
the wind which whistles
and blows all around the
lonely hills at times
and, feel your touch
in oceanic waves that
lap at the shores
and tranquil beaches
of my heart.

Speak to me with my
eyes wide open or
shut, it matters not.

For I hear you now
in the peace of my
soul, and the peace
of my soul knows
you are

…the One.

©Daydreamer    *All rights reserved

Life Force


Like me.

The river lives and breathes
again, free of winters freeze.
It’s steady rhythm, the
beating of a heart in
time with mine.


moving me along in its
harmony of song.

Rise and fall with the tide.
I too fall and rise, for
the river runs as deep
as the deepest
parts of me

Sets my soul free to
come and go as it glides
in that timeless
liquid flow.

It sees me aim as high as
I can fly on peaceful wings
beneath a moonlit sky as
our dear Lady Luna presents
a host of diamonds in
dazzling display to
shimmer across the river

My mood.

True jewels of the night
which gleam for my delight
or anyone who cares to
share the dream.


The river once again
runs free


its life force
flows in


©Daydreamer   *All rights reserved

Life’s Prize


Rain, rain, rain
falling on my mood

hits the roof
I sit in
filling me with…


Is that hope I see
on the other side
shifting the misery
and gloom.

A loan gull floats
upon wild waves
amid white horses
galloping a pace

the water too
as restless
tosses, rolls
releases him once
again to swim.

I shiver like
the tree limbs do
still awaiting the cloaks
to hide their naked
winter sleep.

and I…

I hold this time within
and count it as
life’s prize.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved

Water Music


Soft playing notes lapping
at the shores of my

A lone seagull flies high above
as white and as soothing
to see its freedom of
flight as the soft foam which
falls in sweet, sweet
melodies onto ripples in
the sand that also
(like the beaches in my heart)
is home to my love.

Heavens music could be no
more than this


As those living…
giving, waves tease my
heightened senses.


then, kiss the shore sensually
with long lingering notes of
quiet musical passion.
Each graceful swish a
kiss of excellence to a
lovers eager


Let the music play and I
will love you eternally.

Such sweet music to my ears.

‘Oh…how I love you, sea.’
Said the Earth.

And then, she smiled.


                    ©Daydreamer     *All Rights reserved

Rivers of Life

Still runs the river
O, so tranquilly
flowing in three seasons
through a lazy tangle
of overhanging trees
which stand as centurion guards
to further shade your mysteries.

Drifting along
there’s a song in your heart
which I too, can feel
as you reveal your moods.

Lazy flowing waters
I love to watch as music
fills my heart from your
un-conducted play.

Ripples sing your song
nature’s perfect symphony
flowing, ever flowing
on your journey to the sea.

Today you struck a perfect cord
and I shared your harmony.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I used to live in the house from where I snapped this picture. It is about 15 to 20 feet back from overlooking that river. It is beautiful and flows endlessly, until winter freezes it’s surface and then the ice becomes so many inches deep. But, even so, as it goes out to the sea, it still flows beneath all the ice.

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Forever By The Sea

Freedom comes in waves
I cannot lie
For I feel the power.
The sensual
majesty of play in ways
which always

You rush to greet the earth
like a lover’s anticipated
moist, mist kiss.
Excitment builds.
Heart beats like a drum
then come the bulky tidal

But none can hold you,
nor, keep you in their sway
and I gain comfort in
the knowing.

The blue of you moves
and sees me breathless
as you reach inside, shake
the rock of my foundation
back to its infant core
with harmonic persuassion
and, always leaves
me wanting.

I resign all selfish ego
surrendering to your might
and could swim in you
for eternity, never
tiring from your steady
gush of life.

You come

You go.

And leave me free to
lazily gaze in dreams
Lose myself in the music
of your ebb and flow.

I love you like a harpist
plucks his strings…adoringly
Or, a pianist lovingly strokes
his keys.

But You…

are my perfect instrument
of choice.

So, play a lovers symphony.

A sonata just for me and
I will be…

Forever By The Sea


© Daydreamertoo                 *All rights reserved

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Fire in the sky

With gay aBANDon
she TOSSed back her head
and the WAter shimmERed.

DanCING flecks of gold
shone like a treaSURE chest
highLItING her loveLY face
from the fIRE in the sky.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Hope I did this right  (gulps)  LOL

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Water Music

Soft playing notes lapping
at the shores of my

A lone seagull flies high above
as white and soothing
to see its freedom of
flight as soft foam that
falls in sweet, sweet
melodies onto ripples in
the sand that also
(like the beaches in my heart)
is home to my love.

Heavens music could be no
more than this


As those living, giving
waves tease my
heightened senses.
then kiss the shore sensually
with long, long lingering notes of
quiet musical passion.
Each graceful swish a
kiss of excellence to a
lovers eager


Let the music play and I
will love you eternally

Such sweet music to my ears.

‘Oh…how I love you, sea’
Said the Earth.

And then she smiled.


©  Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Although I’m not sure where it is I do know that, that picture is of one of the beaches here where we live on P.E.I.

FYI: To those lovely readers who have subscribed to my blog via Feedburner, you may have to subscribe again (please) The reason is that yesterday I migrated back to from because it wasn’t worth the annual fee the host wanted, only to be told if I needed any help or support that there wasn’t any to be had because my blog was ‘third party’ hosted, so they couldn’t help and, once you leave, they don’t help you either, so, it’s all got to be solved by yourself, and if it’s a big technical issue, even the problem help pages wouldn’t be of any good if it’s all about coding and such. Sorry, but, at least it’s done away with the capatcha thingie some of you hated 🙂 So, if you normally get an email telling you I’ve updated and you haven’t had one, you know why.

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We can take it all in
(the cosmic aura)
absorb its magic
through our eyes
our skin, our breath

it’s all there

Those shimmering drops
of crystal ice
too cold to touch
yet, still somehow
as it resonates with our
own soul music.

Spend all your time waiting
for that second chance
when all of life is about
taking chance after chance
to forge our own path and
write our own story in the
book of life.

So hard to stand upon an
edge of the unknown with
all senses urging caution
and yet
if we break through that fear
and try free-falling

we reach the catalyst

The: ‘what if…’

we learn to listen to
our hearts
we may just discover
love has wings.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone 🙂

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Earth’s Song

Eyes closed
(as if in prayer)
face turned toward the light
In blue aquatic hue
she calls (perhaps)
and waits for her
creation to
carry its vibration
throughout all the waves
across all the oceans
and all the seas
Out into time and space
and, touch eternity
with the beauty of
Earth’s song.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

For those interested: This is one of many sculptures designed by an English man called Jason deCaires Taylor. He creates them so that they can be left underwater and eventually over time they will grown and form new artificial  ‘coral reefs.’

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The Cove part 2


This is the part of rock face Chloe & Tim climbed. As you can see, there is no path.

He’s so small against the size of the rocks

We were so very lucky to see all the amazing wildlife we saw here. We’d see Blue Heron, Lots of Seals, Dolphins, American Bald Eagles flying low overhead, and we’d see the occasional small whale. One day we came down and a huge seal was sitting at the end of the cliffs on the right hand side of the cove, basking in the sunshine.

Not many kids can say they sat on an iceberg (even though it was pretty small)

Saturday Centus: 50 words
I knew  if I shouted Timmy he would come running. I shouted: “Chloe, come down from there please.” Hoping Tim would follow. Thankfully he always wants to be where we are. I watched as he picked out a way back down and followed Chloe back onto the beach and safety.


Timmy has always been a pretty fearless little dog.  From mid December through to mid April, due to snow & ice we weren’t able to get to the cove, it was like torture to all three of us… LOL  Timmy loves the beach and water every bit as much as Chloe and I.
Apart from beach glass we collected pretty stones, shells and feathers and other bits and pieces we thought of as, would be treasures. When the sun shines on the glass jars filled with beach glass, it creates beautiful rainbow prisms all over the ceiling, walls and floor.

We moved into the city 2 years ago but, at least we still have a harbour we can walk alongside of every day. Nowhere near as wonderful as ‘our’ freedom beach walks but thank goodness, it is by the water.

P.S. A few have asked this question so, in answer:  Apart from the deepest (middle) of it, much of the Northumberland Strait freezes over during the coldest part of winter. The icebergs are what appears once the strait begins to thaw out in early to mid April. I have other videos of more snow and icebergs.  If anyone is interested in seeing them, please let me know.

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Beat of the World

 With gentle tremor
the wind whispers
‘trees live’
I hear their music through
rustling leaves.

Sea laps the shore
with endless sweet kisses
on high tides of blessings
and gratitudes.

Birds sing their own song
on wings of joy
and, in freedom of flight.

With bluest of skies
clouds share their air
and dance upon the earth
as they move in
shifting shadows
what my mind wishes
them to be.

Each blade of grass
each tiny tear that falls

is as important
as you and I

Once we have heard
the beat of the world.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I used to live in the house whose deck you can just make out the corner of, on the right of the pic. Loved this river.  Water is my life’s blood.

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Kiss the Rain

Autumn’s leaves changing
leaves me
feeling restless.

I’ll miss the summer’s warmth.

They’re dying on the ground
and soon I’ll be surrounded.

Each one, reminds.

Other’s dance by my window
I watch the rains arrive


it’s pitter-patter, splatter
soft, upon my thoughts of yesterday.

Were they yesterdays or, so
long ago it sometimes seems
like forever now.
If I die young, remember
we’re here for really
just a moment in time.

Rain always soothes the ache
I can’t describe

I’ll try to harmonise
let the peaceful
sounds caress

better yet…

It can wash thought clean of pain
I’ll go outside and

Kiss the blessed Rain.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved


*106 words + prompt*
If I have nowhere in particular to go, I’ve always loved walking in a gentle rain. Soft rain, warm rain. 
Water of any type anywhere that I can see, hear or watch its movement, has always been like a soothing balm to me.

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Holding the Essence


Days come and go

Seem to slip on by with
a movement of their own
Bring sadness and sorrow
or happiness and joy
each moment special and unique
as they never fail to touch
that sensitive part we keep
for us alone.

With a lovers eyes
I close mine
and then hear
the song of the wind
whisper her mystical

and swayed to trance
I see more than I have
ever seen before
through the mind’s eye.

A blade of grass dances
with simplistic moves
but, invitingly.
Enough for me to see
the light and then to fathom
it’s holding our essence

The very essence of

Pure life.


© Daydreamer Too

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If you have time and are interested enough, please read my post before this one entitled, Zen.


Naked Thought


All doors open
Not a new concept
but in keeping with old
indomitable truth’s tradition.

Through crystal glass windows
(some might call a diverse dverse)
I’ve seen rainbow colour prisms,
share their kaleidoscopic rays
as yet, unscathed by
strife scratched days.

Where Angels must dream
in my sky of satin blue
I too, am so aware
that a single drop of H2O
holds all of universal time
and DNA strands are
as powerful now as in their
unique and ancient creation
almighty, but yet
as delicate as a butterfly
sits upon the hip
of life.


© Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved

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