The Perfect Hope

In this world of present chaos
nothing is certain anymore
…not even tomorrow.
We move in forward motion
increasingly more
to war, war, war.

Our vision is unclear
because there are no sane answers
to all the ‘whys’

Women and children run for their lives
on both sides of the great divide
while young men learn only to
hate and if that hatred isn’t strong enough
toughen up and learn some more.

It seems there are no peaceful means
to end this conflict which has raged
for nearly two millennia

and yet,

deep love of fellow man
will never give me leave
to let go nor stop believing
the perfect hope.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved

Moslems and Christians and Jews raising their hands to the sky their chanting voice in unison begin to arrive how happy is the one
whose heart’s ear hears that special voice as it begins to arrive.

~ Rumi

*The poem is grim because my heart is weeping for the insanity of it all. There is nothing about this that is right. I Googled images of Gazza and the images of children are just ….slaughter.
I don’t care what anyone’s faith is…no God of mine would ever wish to see all this crap no matter what faith we believe in.
Sometimes hard to believe we are all the same species.
Still, I have hope and have to believe one day we will see sense.

They are talking of a ceasefire….Hope springs eternal.

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Poetry Jam Best Sellers. I Chose the Nora Roberts title ‘The Perfect Hope’ as my piece

Never Again

 People use fences for different reasons.
To keep something safe within, or

For something far more sinister

As a child we were taught, and shown
barbed wire fences with masses of people
behind them
Eyes sunken, hollow, dead yet, still moving
dressed in striped pajamas
men, women and children
all wearing skin over bones.

I listened as the world said:
‘Never again’
and, totally believed it
until I saw those fences again in Bosnia
men gathered behind them beaten
skin and bones
sunken eyes, ribs all showing
speaking of brutal injustices
to them and to their women

and I cried

because I knew
nothing had changed

and because of man’s inhumanity to man
it will keep happening
again, again and again.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*This fence has never left my mind.
Because of being closer to Europe the Bosnian/Serb/Croatian war  1992-95 was given a lot of news coverage on UK TV. When I saw the live footage of this guy in a Bosnian/Serb camp…I cried. Although the Bosnian Serbs denied it was a concentration camp it sure looked like one to me and to everyone else.  I had always believed that after the mass genocide of the second world war it would never be allowed to happen again and yet, there it was.
Yes, I wept for the loss of sanity, compassion and love of fellow man.

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Quiet Revolution

In ambient blue
stress levels slide downhill
from their peak once again
as I lose myself
with classic lines and notes
of purest mood, oblivious
to the obvious around me.

Now, becomes then.
I came to life when I saw
the fire in your eyes
At first I thought it freak
refusing to believe
so secure was I, behind those
impenetrable walls
all it took was a sliver
The smallest shard that
wasn’t satisfied, until it
it had reached my soul.

Squashing fear underfoot
I stepped lightly into the unknown
All walls came tumbling down
and suddenly I too, was
basking in the glow.

There’s a certain ripple effect
produced by being loved
(If only all wars could be won
with such a quiet revolution)


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights Reserved

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Salute to the Brave

In truth his war was more bitter than all the wars before.
Holes in the ground deep as hell. Bombs and fires raging.
A sea of bodies around him torn asunder, including his.
Then he heard her whisper:‘I will give you peace my child’
And Mother Earth wrapped him in her blood soaked arms.

© Daydreamer Too   *all rights reserved

Author’s note: Photos used here from WW1 Battlefields
There are still so many ‘unknown’ soldiers. I respect and salute all who have served and, all those brave young men and women who still do serve their countries to protect our freedom of right to express this opinion.

On my 17th birthday, I voluntarily enlisted in the W.R.A.C. (Women’s Royal army Corps) and became a radar operator and was proud to serve my Queen and country. 

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