I have these visions

Visions of loveliness.

A peaceful walk
in soft fall rain

(Yes, they soon will come again)

‘Til then,
I yield all that I am
into silent wonder
creating words from a soul
that still reaches for
…the reason

I trust

and even raw, laid bare
see visions of loveliness.

The air I breathed today

So clear
So fresh
So clean


The sand where no other footsteps have
fallen today…bar mine.

Yes, I see visions of loveliness
In glass I’ve gathered from the giving sea
and keep or send to delight others
friends, who share my path

Feel its sensual smoothness
in shapes that heighten pleasure
with rainbows added to
further delight senses
with these, nature’s gifts

Can I…

Will I…

a future life
from all of this.

We live on our own
little piece of Heaven
here on Earth

Where magic happens
if you have the will to surrender

Simply let life flow and, follow
where it leads.

In a world of love
I’m surrounded


See visions of loveliness
which I feel such a need

…to share.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Before we (a much younger Chloe, Timmy-the-dog and, I) moved into town, we used to collect beach glass on our daily walks. Finding blue was rare and became the prized treasure. “Found a bit of blu hoooo” became our favourite shout while walking the beach. lol
I began to make jewelry from it. Those in the picture are some of the early attempts at wire-wrapping and such. But, we have jars and jars of it and when the sun shines on and through them, we see rainbows everywhere. Creating some magic from, what is essentially, someone else’s garbage from (thrown overboard from all the old sail ships from the 17-1800’s passing through the Northumberland Strait.

Shared with dVerse Poets OpenLinkNight #54

Drip Drop

I Love to walk in a soft rain. Love water, the sea, a river any water. Love it’s power of movement and magic of its sounds.


Pitter patter
Pitter Patter
it falls
in drip, drip drops of
warm, wet and wonderful
envelops and then, saturates
…Silencing the pain.

For a moment
time stands still for love
refusing to stay even for that cause
the feeling’s gone
as swiftly as it came.

You, were the fires passion.
That heat of smouldering flame
Now in its afterglow
shadows fall over longing
memories remain.

Solace comes with sleep
until an univited vision-guest
requires the dream shall spring to life
in another heros place in time.

Pitter patter,
Pitter patter
and, the beat goes on
eyelids flutter to
the music of their notes
in a-splattering of rhythmic


© Daydreamer Too  All rights reserved