It is what it is



It is what it is.

I breathe it in
will myself to hold
it there.

Mould it into all
the folds and creases
that have left the
cloth in tatters
each ragged edge and
each time worn hole
has taught the lesson
through its wearing.

An untamed sea swims
deep in me
emotions of bitter sweet
salt and tears
but there’s not a memory
I would trade nor wish
to ever fade.

The strings of my heart
stop me from reaching
into the fire to burn.

Sometimes the road we’re on
seems so long
Life’s hard
Mountains rise before our eyes
and no-one cares about the tears
we cry, but us.

Life’s a field of corn
and we are all clutching at straws
trying to cling on in the breeze.

Yes, life’s hard


Dying is forever.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with: With real Toads Thoughts inspired by Singer Vic Chesnutt & his song ‘Flirting with you all my life’
Poets United Think Tank #91

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