It’s raining
but I cannot curse its touch
for I love it’s gentle
splat upon my skin.

In wanting to believe
sometimes we are blind
We cannot see the truth
before our eyes.

Clouds of doubt invade
nothing can dampen
the true spirit’s flame
kept inside our
secret spaces.

I hold onto my love
as if it were God’s armor
and set the sky to tremble
with the sword of truth.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

Image ‘borrowed’ from Eclipse of the moon (s) blog.

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Poetry Jam The blind leading the blind


There is a façade
the public face you see
but what goes on behind the scene
some could even call it

Just the right blend
is all it needs.
A little mix here
little mixing there
a little mischief making
spins into the air.

Some choose to rise above
lend a hand to distant

Feather-light thoughts
skim o’er naked trees
flesh so vulnerable
as razor-sharp words
cut, then leave their prey
bleeding out from
open wounds.

Above mountains in the way
it never matters
who said or who did what
to whom and,
we don’t need to always
be in control
to be in control.

You see
there is a vast difference
between you and me.

This is the life I wanted
I could never see how anyone
can live their lives in all
those secret spaces.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

The pic I found seems to describe my thoughts in some way. Out of focus.
Some thoughts on how many people lead double lives. How different some are behind closed doors.
How a teen loves to be in the middle of her friends falling out so she can do ‘the mix’ between it all then, sit back and watch it all play out and, how I’ve tried to teach her that sooner or later it will all back-fire on her if she doesn’t stop it….but.. do kids listen.. hmm.. I think I have a better chance of talking to the wall….haha.. she’ll learn, probably the hard way, as do we all.

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Three Word wednesday CCLV111

The Perfect Storm

The message hits home
loud and clear
through words that jolt
this landscape’s stark

A pendulum swings
(though time is a constant
it isn’t always given)
and truths sharp edge
cuts through an ice cold
silence with a surge of
of certain pain to
aching bones.

What’s never been found
cannot be lost
and feelings whipped up
in winter winds may
sleep ’til spring reaches
in to detach their
grip of ice, with a
gentle easing, so
we can begin again.

Maybe we must simply
wipe away those liquid dreams
from clouding our eyes
and just ride out this, the
perfect storm


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

Just some thoughts on the winter snow storm we’re having right now and how we each deal so differently with our emotions.

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Theme Thursday #Storm

The Road to Now

Feelings sink or swim on
emotional roller coaster rides
which rise and fall behind
comforts painted veil.

Sharing secrets with the moon
in coldest gasps of clear nights
in winter reprieve
I sing the song of my heart
to twinkling, silver stars
trying to be close to you
in wishes, prayer
Anything, to take me
‘there’ and never have to

Trust isn’t always a given
and, isn’t with-holding truth
the same as a lie
as a lie, as a lie.

so many hills and valleys
to be traveled
The deepest depths of sadness
the highest heights of joy
unique for each and every
one of us on the
road to now.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

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If I Could Touch This Memory


Reaching for unseen truths
in that temple of the fates
Such depths, invoked.

Lit from within
in that light
dispelling darkness

No…there was no fear.

Cushioned in the friendship
of your soul
I found a soft place to fall.

Free then,

tip-toed into ecstasy and
danced the dance of forever.

Oh, if I could touch this memory

This find of buried treasure


in those halls of quite wonder
nothing was awry

and willingly,

I opened up to loving you
changing forever
the colours of my mind.


© Daydreamer Too      *All rights reserved

Love changes, everything.