I’ve always tried to teach my dogs to do things without
my needing to say anything. Either by looking
at them or, with using hand signals. I think it’s kind of
a neat thing to do.
Tim is a very smart dog. He also tells me when he thinks it’s
time to go for his walk. He won’t leave the front door!

Chloe used to get so frustrated when I would look at
Tim without speaking and he’d react by jumping up and down
excited, wagging his tail and such.

“How do you do get him to do that?”

“I talk to him.”

“No you don’t. You can’t talk to a dog without
saying anything Bren!”

“Yes, you can. I talk telepathically and tell him
what I want him to do and he knows.”

“That’s so not true. But, how does he know what you
want him to do?
Tell me because I want to do it too!”

“I am telling you the truth. I just have to think
about taking him for a walk and, he’s there at the
door, waiting for me.
I just have to think about feeding him and he’s
there in the kitchen, waiting.
I just tell him in my mind to go get his toys
and he brings them.
Sometimes I just smile or raise an eyebrow and he
knows it’s play time. Dogs are very smart, you know!”

“Well, teach me how to do it too then because
he just ignores me unless I speak to him”

“I can’t teach you. You can either do ‘it’
or you can’t.”

“Not fair.”

“C’est la vie.”


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