Moody Words

white-pillar-candles-4x4-unscented-cotton-wicks-3_260If I gaze upon the flame
will it’s light grow dim
or, my own from neglecting
of its passion.

I toss all cares
into the wind
watch them curl
unfurl again
rise up once more
to soar.

never grow old
and die
only blood ends its line
in not so sterile rooms
and on not so sterile beds

and, this is but one mood
through a day that is just
the same as many
not the same
as any.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved

Just some words which wanted to be written. Moods.


Stronger than Time

Run when you can
walk if you have to
crawl if you must
never give up on your dreams.

Emotions complicate everything
life itself is so simple, really.

Nothing is free but our own thoughts
and, the air we breathe

My thoughts take me on walks
through dark and light.
To places I may never go
yet will, in mind.

Where stars await
nights happenstance
love is stronger than time.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Something of Time

ParkeHarrison Turning to Spring

So, this explains it all.
There had to be a keeper
someone who just does
Maybe he doesn’t even know why anymore
he just does what he does because
it’s what he always done
and the one before him
and the one before him
and the one before him
ad infinitum.

He opens the fabric and tinkers
a little tinker here
a little tinker there
and cogs change their momentum
speeding things up
slowing them down.

Cogs in chains
wheels within wheels
all working as one
circles, all the same.

I always wondered who governed
this amazing
‘Something of time’
now I know it is he
who shifts and fine-tunes seasons
turning summer’s into autumn’s
winter’s into spring.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Fascinating photograph. It’s title is: Turning to Spring. I like their statement explaining their works on their website.

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The Kiss

A dance of light and shadow
plays upon walls
and crinkle in lace
adds a pleasing pattern.

The pendulum swings
through time
but makes no demand
for this action

I navigate those
man-made hours aware
of cause and effect.

Yesterday’s fresh snow
a sea of sparkling jewels
which money can’t buy
and I smile

the lesson.

Winter has its own
unique beauty in so
very many ways.

Sun shines
the kiss between
earth and sky continues
my reaction is to bask in
the glow of their
undying love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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I used to fear darkness and
silence for what they might reveal
(maybe, about myself)
I trust that quiet and yearn for
it to settle dissonant moods.

Stop all the clocks
to find the stillness
where rat-race living ends
and real life begins as
vision clears.

Is anything more lovely
than the sights and
sounds of love?

Warm teardrops from the sun
awaken the beauty of that
which sleeps in wombs of
every kind of earthly mother
before she gives birth to
her newest star.

raise your pen and write
irresistible words which
will tell of when
time itself stood still on
your borderland of worlds.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Sand slips through time’s slimline waist
and life’s all about taking chances.

Pale rays of dawn usher in
new potential but I resist
Speak in hushed tones
leaving stillness undisturbed
but golden light will not await
and soon begins to dissipate
the darkness.

reluctant to leave this bubble
of lucid dreaming
I drift into
meditative gratitude’s

Heavy lumber
carried yesterday is
a floating wreck I can hold onto
to stop myself from drowning.

Breathing in blessings
Breathing out woes

So, I let you go
ease myself from
this sleeps most
tender arms
and thus,
the day begins.


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The Poets Rally
Warms the cockles of my heart
through these coldest months

I would like to nominate Life Between the Lines LBTL

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Sand slips through the hourglass
its dust bequeaths an unsettled sigh
falling specks of fate
build a dune of shifting dreams.

There is no sense in nonsense.

Who am I?
In the mirror I turned
and turned again
not knowing
As petals fall soft to calm
somewhere within.

Life spirals
twists and spins
the summer flower
has run to seed
along its strands
unfolding who I am
with no respect at all
to the evolution.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

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