The Growing Heart

She took me to places
I hadn’t before been.
Showed me a new heart
that I had never

The heart beat slow
So used to its
rhythm and rhyme.

Suspended, there it
hung, doing nothing
but beat out its

Slowly buds appeared
then blossomed into view
watered by her love
and tears and, just
like a rose,
it grew.

She spoke softly to
it often.
Told it many wonderous
things, and as the new
heart listened it responded
to her in kind, by giving
out a fragrance, I myself
could never find.

She told the heart she’d
waited a lifetime
holding onto a dream
that she would find her
soulmate, the one whose
always been there,
but was ’til now

The heart opened up
fully and let her love
flow in.
Accepted and responded
unconditionally forgiving
her past sins.

It heard the words
‘I love you’
Spoken many, many times
and, I know the heart so
well by now


The heart that grew

Was Mine.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Gooseberry Garden #week 5 Object