Suzi Quatro

Because of the Hippy peace movement
and the freedoms it won in the 60’s
It then became the 70’s
My era.
Life was filled with endless possibilities
anything was possible
and, I was very much

Suzi Quatro was dynamite
back then.
A beautiful, original
rock and roll one woman power house
Always on TV
on Top of the Pops
where she Canned the can
(whatever that meant)
or sang
‘Down in Devil Gate drive.’

My step-father
(though he didn’t believe in God)
said it was the devils music
my heart knew
it had no devil living there.

Suzi showed all the lovely
young women
it was okay not to look fem
in her biker-leather-jackets and jeans
she was perfect
(to me)

I busted a gut to her rock
could hold my own
on the disco floor
dirty-dancing the night away.

But she also sang a sad song
which made sense and, still means
a lot to me.

“If you can’t give me love
let me go look for somebody else.”

I took her sound advice

and did.

Keep rocking it Suzi
you are legend.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Apparently Suzi was really well known and had quite a few hit songs in the UK and Europe but not until much later in the USA. They don’t know what they missed!

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