Birth of Dreams

A west wind blows
warm summer winds
breaking through a mood
which is not unique
…in fact, quite the
ordinary, mundane.

Collecting all thought
in one sweet breath of life
I surf its waves and spiraling patterns

No, I cannot condemn any pain
while searching for its reason.

But, in those golden days when you
sing in praise of love or glory
will you remember too, that
once I was your stepping stone
and helped give birth to
some of your dreams.


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

Shared with dVerse Poets OpenLinkNight #57
Poets United Vice Versa: Unique/Ordinary Condemn/Praise

Stepping Stones


Without backward glance
in sunlight, she looks toward tomorrow
with smiles like a breeze
on warmer days than these.

Little things give silent strength

a harmony of accepting that
which is…


Past is past.

The beat of one moment hangs on
fragile lines in a spider-web
along the strands of time.

Those souls we touch
are but stepping stones

we are the stepper
we are the stone

always moving forward
to fulfill our destiny.

Yesterdays fantasies turn to dust
in tenuous reflections from
the living stream
where we all play center stage
in this prelude to infinity.


© Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved


Just some thoughts on how opportunity knocks. Sometimes we are the stepper and others who touch our lives ensure that we move forward and, sometimes we are the stone, which in turn allows others who touch our lives to go forward from their having met us.

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