She used to play at ‘dress up’ all the time
either with her best friends or, alone.

Repeated my not-so-bad swear words
and, I’d blush for ever having
let her hear me say them.

I didn’t know that children are
such accomplished actors
until I began to use the word
then came the automatic water works
as if someone had turned a
non-stop dripping tap on.

The down-turned mouth
the sadness,
all so, so believable
until I’d cave in
and instantly triumphant
she’d shout:
“I win!”

Then, I knew I’d been had
and named her Diva.
Told her if she ever became an
actress she was bound to win
an Oscar one day
(explained what an Oscar is)

She is still very much a Diva
only now, so much more


©Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Since I learned how good she can be at it, my nickname for Chloe has always been Diva Chloe. In our old house, when she was nine, she had a habit of rushing off upstairs and would shout down to me not to look until she was ready. One day, she came down dressed up in these pictures. He best friend called to chat with her and I just had to get the camera out and take her picture. She said to her friend. “Oh wait a minute, I think I have to POSE.”  Those are white socks on her hands!
I couldn’t see for laughing.  She still cracks me up at times too. I hope she never sees this…LOL

Yes Mary all the world’s a stage and I have my very own actress on mine…. 🙂

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