Spring Awakening

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After winter’s stillness has settled Autumn’s passing grief
perhaps marrow in bones which ache and stiff hips from
all that cold, seek the heat once more to oil their creaks.

A hand hesitates.
Moves to open the sealed window against
a massive doubt
(maybe it is too soon, too soon)
and yet,
the heart always knows its secret need.

Wiping away weeping condensation
new hope rose in early morning sunlight.
The old frame groaned as heat reached in on
happy dust-mote beams
she espied the late spring awakening.

A full clatter of bright colours from
fresh sprung crocuses greeted her
from their distant flower beds.


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Spring arrives quietly.
In coughs and fits
false starts each but
with a warmth and wealth
in gold there now.

Morning frost soon
gives way to welcome dew
…dripping into life.

In these realms of splendour
I become.

Growing out of silence
as the spirit moves me
through liquid light of healing.

Transparent bridges cross
rivers of shadows and mist
after the storms have passed.

April offers a certain euphoria
to be found as a host of
nature’s waking sounds sweep
over my soul
leading me onto the threshold
of life’s newest hopes and dreams.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Sunlight casts Angel wings
in shadows on the walls
(I know)
remain even after nightfall.

Winter’s grip eases now
giving leave to buds
and blades of green
peeking through
the cusp of seasons.

I too, yawn from this
long siesta
welcoming change of
dress from skies of
dull off-white and grays
to my beloved blues.

A lone piper calls
his tune harmonizing
with waves in my soul.

Light and warmth share gifts
in unspoken promise
as gentle winds usher in
Springs awakenings.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Even Now

Sometimes life has its own way
of spiraling out of our control

So caught up in the
stretched elastic strands
we fight to survive it
Instead of living it
we turn it into our own
prison where hard labour
is enforced

looking back
perhaps we can then see
the big picture which softens
each blow and lightens our
resistance to change.

The loss of control enables
us to cancel out that hold on
the past and with subtle nuances
of introspection here and there
we can reach new depths
crossing other thresholds using
knowledge gleaned from that
humbling of ego.

Even now, as we move through
winters deathly chill we know
that spring awaits us all
with her promised gifts.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

In light of the now very difficult to read new Blogger captcha thingie I had also removed my own, although it was a lot easier to use than the new Blogger one is but, I’ve since had quite a lot of spam left in comments that readers have left.  One, was a long never-ending page scrolling list in Russian language about selling clothing, but another was to do with porn sites so because of this, I am putting my captcha thingie back on again. Sorry to those who hate them, I don’t mind them if they are easy to read, but Blogger has made a huge faux pas with that and, I think it won’t be very long before they realise what they’ve done by switching from one that is easily understood to one that is enough to try the patience of a saint.

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