This Moment

Golden SandsTurn away
but you’ll still have
all you need to look
life in the eye.

No matter how sad
no matter the sorrow

Faith will always
see me believe
it was enough
to know


breathe aloud to
cover the long silence


this moment
fallen out of time.


©Daydreamer    *All rights reserved

Touch Your Heart

598005874d9d18229e9f59c4cf6e64d0-1Passion stirs
words seek once again
to play.

She lives in a world
of want and need
surprised again by a longing
which she’d thought
was quenched.

as the fire burns
still she yearns
each passing day

to feel alive

She gains strength
from love in ways which
most may never know
and, never

Touch your heart, I’m there

She touches it

Assured of the presence
still held safe in that
deepest of connection.

Even in death

…She has never left.


       ©Daydreamer              *All rights reserved

Life’s Endless

My Guiding Light1
The wind has stories to tell
she speaks in so many ways

she comes in whispers meant
for my ears alone.

Sometimes she comes
with such a mighty roar
she can be heard for

life is such
a maze of

Gnarled fingers run
through fine thin hair
how wonderful the rush now
As sun warms skin
waves beneath
have shifted ice above
so urgent the desire to
flowing once again.

this heart yearns to free itself
from winter’s cold, slow dying

after all

winter is only one season of
Life’s Endless.

© Daydreamer      *All rights reserved

It Does

A solitary note hangs in
steamy stillness
suspended there in silence
Waiting to find
its rightful place
in time.

still so lost
and destiny’s path holds
a neon lighted sign
to my desolation.

Strange how clouds
took on the shape they did
Held me up with
a strength I lacked
reminding, that I too
am held in
arms of the Angels.

Neither here nor there
reaching out and touching you
made the most beautiful
connection and,
united in a common bond
saved me.

Always remembering
earth to earth
ashes to ashes
dust to dust

And, somewhere out there
is a loving flame that
burns eternally

just because
it does.

© Daydreamer          *All rights reserved


An old piano sits against the wall where memories remain
tucked in every time worn crevice.

The curious mob had gone onto pastures new
so fickle in their care
and yet…
And yet she knew no other way to be.

This was she.

This was how it was meant to be, and
to behave any differently was impossible.

She breathed a jettison of quiet reflection
into the crisp of night.

Yes, this was how it had always been
she is the one who walks our dreams
who lives between the parting tides
of dreamscape and reality.

Some would call her Angel of the night
she leaves a celestial touch to ageing hearts
to slow them, to quieten and finally, to still
as she wanders among the halls of sleeping
haunting those who go with songs
of ancient earth and
choosing those who’ll stay with her
in trysts that last forever.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCXLV111
The Poetry Palace Rally #57

Thanks for this award
To all of you who work hard
And bring this about

I would like to nominate Lynnaima: Life Between the Lines

Sweet Embrace


A symphony plays.
The pianist loves the keys he strokes
and I in turn, welcome the moment
to succumb

…to simply just

Close weary eyes
against chaotic day
but thoughts still stray
and I miss, miss, miss
sharing the rain
it helps to soothe the longing.

How deeply we have to hurt.

To cut and then
to bleed upon the sharpest blade
before we reach that depth of
understanding that it isn’t ever
about who did what or, why.

It’s all about forgiving.

For the gift is in the pain
that we may learn to truly love.

How can pain be blue
I so love the blue
for it frees the ache in me.
The sky
these, are my souls sanctuary.

Softly now thoughts stray
alone, in liquid light
the music has worked its magic again
and I yield lucid thought once more
to the sweet embrace of night.



©Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved


*Authors note:    When I write, I can go through a whole mixed bag of emotions and, whatever I write isn’t necessarily how I feel at the time I publish it here. In other words, I’m not always sad 🙂 
We creative minds usually run the gauntlet on emotions several times a day….up and down….LOL
It’s usually how and where we get all the words to pour forth.

Shared at: Poets United Poetry Pantry #53

Quotes to live By

“If instead of a gem, or even a flower, we should cast the gift of a
loving thought into the heart of a friend, that would be giving as
the Angels give.” ~* George MacDonald *~

And the day came, when the risk to remain tight in a bud
was more painful than the risk it took to Blossom  ~* Anaïs Nin ~*~