Blue Moon

BluemoonI weep my silent tears that
no-one ever hears
nor knows occur
except for her….

My darling, lady moon.

She knows my secret sorrows
in all of my tomorrows
yet, never betrays those secrets
already told.

She’s big, she’s bright, she’s bold
and daring but yet, delicate and
oft times softly pale
caring only for her moon-child
minds well-being.

I tell her everything and
she sits there listening
never condemns
nor apportions blame
as she shines up above
on this one, she so loves.

I speak to her in whispers
of dreams that never came true
of years of silent waiting
for someone such as you
(my mate in soul)
who found me
but cannot be with me
much less share my life.

So, my lady moon
I turn to you once more
weep these silent tears
for the one that I adore
pour out this sorrow
from my aching heart
knowing that those
milken drops of mine
will reach the safety of your
Blue-moon hue
and that my secret sadness
is forever safe with you.

© Daydreamer              *All rights reserved

I wrote this back in 2000. Thought I’d publish again

Pure Thought

phoenix1Shake off yesterday
rake through its ashes
and use them to fertilise
tomorrows dreams.

The undying flame



Never extinguished.

A friend said:
‘She killed you’


maybe she killed me


love doesn’t quit.

Drums kept the rhythm
of my heartbeat steady
as her arrows continued
to pierce the skin.

Love is
in the waves continual roll
and, clouds have stolen my thunder
for their own nefarious

There’s great power in surrender.

Submitting all will
to the higher ‘One’

 gaining back in return

Pure Thought.

© Daydreamer *All rights reserved

This is just some jumbled thoughts on someone who drained me, emotionally. I gave too much of myself to in so many ways but was never given loyalty or, even honesty in return. But, we always tend to rise out of negativity.



People pass
enjoy blue sky

soft, sensual

my soul still weeps
for you, for me
for history


Time can’t erase
the promise of

Birds take to flight


like my hands upon your skin
set yours to shivering.

The veil into beyond


allows light to seep within
seeking the darkest corners
where you hid
among my suffering


You gave such gifts
and never truly knew
grief too, is one


Without the dark
we’d have no need of light


       © Daydreamer         *All rights reserved

A Painful Bliss

writing2The page was blank
but, it began with words
a song, a smile
music, laughter shared.

A glance, a dance
two hearts afraid
take another

Life had bought us
to our knees where
we prayed
You, in your way
me, in mine.

Battles fought, lost and won

A touch, a kiss,
hurts undone.

Path then taken
to the greatest love
twin souls caressed
each others tears
and all of fear
soon fled.

A beginning
a middle
right through to the end.

Such painful bliss.

© Daydreamer                         *All rights reerved

Between the Lines

There is so much unsaid
in the margins and
between the lines
It looks like blank paper
yet, isn’t


if we use the other side of it
have we already turned our backs
on the past in that tiny particular move.

Beyond the blue, black and white
what’s drawn me to you for
more than a little while
yes, so much more than a
little while
(a whole lifetime it seems)
is that endless need to feed
a hungry quest

To see those  unsullied blank lines
fill them full of rich imaginings
and maybe then
the tree which gave up its life
will not have died in vain.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

Shared with Carry on Tuesday #173 ‘A little while’
dVersePoets OpenLinkNight #62

Daydream Believer

If we’re really living it
there’s nothing trivial about life
we all differ in what feeds our soul
every little thing is significant
to us, one way or another.

I halt the walk
through the rat maze
long enough to observe the
life in trees.
I see the veins in leaves
this too, is me
every vein matters
no matter how small
and, the sap within.
How can we ignore
the importance of it all
when in truth
it is all there is.

Life in all its pain and glory.

At the end of everyday madness
I cast myself away
drift once more in daydreams
where a pen guides all thought
across an empty page
I’ll write once more
that I would still risk anything, for love.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Daydreaming/Meditation/Pondering life’s daily events while listening to soft music in the background or, in silence, is where most of my inspiration to write comes from.  But, while I love this time of quiet reflection, I do live in the real-life (mess) of this world.
But without our hopes and our dreams which feed us, keep us wanting to achieve, what do we have left?

Shared with Three Word Wednesday CCLXXX Differ, Halt, Imagine
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A Life of Beautiful Days

Image by Susie Clevenger Kearney Depot

A journal written long ago
the book of days I owned
Memories forgotten in a
network of tunnels of the
mind’s most complex maze
suddenly raised back from
the dead as page after page
is re-worn.

Inside the darkness
sometimes struggles go un-noticed
we come undone
Derailed from lines in those endless
caves and caverns.

Love cuts deep
loneliness even deeper to the core
all railways have stations
a terminus, and
all tunnels have an end
even endless ones.

“Listen to the rhythm of
the falling rain child.
Let it fall soft and wash
you clean.
Look again beyond what you know.
Step out of the dark
into the light and you will
see love still lives its own
life of beautiful days.”


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Image by Susie Clevenger Excellent Poet & Photographer.
Shared with
With Real Toads Open Link Monday
Poets United Pantry #97

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It is what it is



It is what it is.

I breathe it in
will myself to hold
it there.

Mould it into all
the folds and creases
that have left the
cloth in tatters
each ragged edge and
each time worn hole
has taught the lesson
through its wearing.

An untamed sea swims
deep in me
emotions of bitter sweet
salt and tears
but there’s not a memory
I would trade nor wish
to ever fade.

The strings of my heart
stop me from reaching
into the fire to burn.

Sometimes the road we’re on
seems so long
Life’s hard
Mountains rise before our eyes
and no-one cares about the tears
we cry, but us.

Life’s a field of corn
and we are all clutching at straws
trying to cling on in the breeze.

Yes, life’s hard


Dying is forever.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with: With real Toads Thoughts inspired by Singer Vic Chesnutt & his song ‘Flirting with you all my life’
Poets United Think Tank #91

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Higher Learning

I watch the dance of clouds
so elegant
…they entranced.

A new season beckons
Comes in with a smile
flirts for a while
before leaving only
my reflection.

The behaviour of the butterfly
always used to baffle
Flitting here, there
desiring to be free
now I understand.

To deny truth
is to negate all responsibility
for its cause and effect


out of silence
wisdom fills the mind
with kinder thought

We teach
or, we are taught

to see the deepest scratches
of someone else’s flaws
but love them anyway

Is the lesson.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Poets UnitedPantry #91

Edge of a Dream

It was all so fleeting
a momentary flicker
inside a tired mind

the softness of my pillow
was soon forgotten then
as I followed your music into
the Will O’ the Wisp mist.

Hope hides in the cloak
of darkness
but you,
you bring a lovers kiss
to lips that too, have
tasted salt.

My soul swirls
in the movement
of your hypnotic dance.

I want you to stay
but you remain an
elusive wind-kissed-mist
there, on the edge of a dream.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Poets United Pantry #91

Life Painting

She came like a thief in the night
seeking my possession.


Moving here, there
and, everywhere she moved
my eyes tried to follow
through her sensual dance
with snow.

Ripples from the pen
ride fluidic waves
across a vacant page
filling it with passion
from this heart on fire.

Memories of love beneath
a thousand moons recalled
in a dissonant interval
between the dark and light
of dreams where once, the
river cried
gifting me new liquid
with which to further paint
the canvas of my soul


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Forever for Always

The flavour of love plays cold
across my tongue
no sweetness now in dawn’s moist kiss
to lips of a dying rose.

Winter renders everything

The road to here filled
with blood, sweat, and tears
anger, pain and sorrow
Yet even then
(because of love)
I seek no retribution for it all.

In close proximity to Earths
sweet breath, I too, breathe now
within her harmonies
A silent witness looking in
on the emptiness of their
lost souls.

No, I seek no revenge for
tortures of the past even
unto the final closing of eyes
For the heart knows that
ancient truths do not lie
in causing yet more harm.

The task remains the same

Contemplate, absorb, sift
thank them for the pain
for, it’s that pain which teaches
us the lesson

then, move on

forever for always


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Theme Thursday
Poets United Poetry Pantry #79

Leap of Faith

She sits above the roots of
the tree of life
precariously perched on the
precipice of time as naked as
the day is born and
just as kind.

Then a wisely wind whispers
to the tree that it’s time to
let her go for, she’s
ready now to forge her
way into the wide

And whatsmore…..
she knows.

She can hear that same
whisper in the air
The one calling her on that says
‘All of life is waiting for you if
you only did but dare.’

Her hair blows wild then as
the wind offers a little assistance
and ‘tho she’s hesitant to take
the plunge she’ll offer no
resistance to natures
natural nudge.

Yes, her life awaits
she’s really come of age
the world is at her feet
and a rainbow sets
the stage.

The planets are all there
she feels their ancient pull
why settle for the Earth
when she can have
them too.

So you see it is her time
the universe awaits
she knows that she can
now comes her

Leap of Faith.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights Reserved

Wrote this a long time ago but itseems to fit the prompt for Theme Thursday

Shared with Theme Thursday Prompt #Event


Softness, I think of you with softness.

Watching a dance of clouds hear calls from
a beckoning sea and, the sky rushes
to kiss the earth.
This sweeps over my soul
…so passionately.

Sing me a song and
I’ll paint you a picture.
A story without words.

A lazy gull eyes me
and, immune to any other noise
espies the waters gentle wave
we connect through unseen strands
of universal weave on an August breeze.

Life, evolving
expands as outward ripples radiate
in never-ending streams.

Complex simplicity

for you
for me

to share and, to bear witness to the scene.

The liquid light of healing
spreads its canvas across the world
soothing memories for the soul.


© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

Shared with dVerse Poets OpenLinkNight #6




a voyage over earth’s unfolding cords
in clear and crystal cosmic silence
with the music and art of bending
as do willows in the breeze to
unsung serenades.

Blessings come
through misty shadows of time
causing my thoughts to play

So light,


Leaving tokens of love for me
whilst reaching for the tenderness
with such a touch of Heaven’s pure healing
‘neath pools of light that shone
allowing me to drink my fill from
the sacred well.

If only we would learn that
the highest peaks we ever have to climb
are those walls we build for ourselves
to hide from the world outside
are those which keep us imprisoned



© Daydreamer Too