The truth is
if someone says ‘I never lie’
it’s usually a lie.

‘I never lie. Trust me.’ I say
as I poked the pin into your effigy
even harder.
…Hope you felt it.

With a little twist here
a little twist there
(Ye Gods, I feel like dancing)
I can make you wish you’d never
been born.

I’m not really evil
but I ain’t
a saint either.
Ain’t a good witch
ain’t a bad
just don’t go and make me mad
’cause if you do
I’ll give it back thrice times to you
…maybe even more.

Hocus pocus
I’m never in fear
the spells I cast will keep
you near, just so’s I can
taunt you
(insert wicked cackle)

You ought never to have crossed me
at Stonehenge and
there’s nothing you can do to
make amends.
Choosing another witch-slut over me
why, I’ll make you both pay for eternity.

I’m telling you this ’cause
you know it’s all true

As true as I’m flying astride my broom
while on my iPhone typing.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

*The prompt called for a load of BS. I tried to fulfill it… lol

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Book of Spells

As a child he was taught by
learned masters never to endanger
other lives except for those
whose evil was to do nothing
but destroy.

The boy became the man
and cut quite a dazzling display
for all the young maidens at court
his mind was filled with magic
and, too many things to hazard
or allow his heart to fall
beneath loves own enchanting spell.

He would deny himself
until the day Arthur was
crowned king
then well,
maybe if a maiden would give
a gentle look
maybe then…

He gave out a harsh sounding sigh
chiding himself for allowing his
mind to stray.

The candle flickered to remind
we are all here for just a shadow of time
how long for, no-one could say
not even a wizard.

With that in mind
he dipped his quill back into the ink
and continued to write his latest
in the book of spells.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

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(picture Boris Vallejo-Camelot)


Tell me your tales
of daring do….
of courage, of kings
and magical things.

Of beautiful queens in
satins and lace…
(Your hearts delight in her
sweet face).
Of armoured knights atsride
chargers of war.
Of battle scars that you have so
proudly worn.

Tell me about the thrill of the
Of the colourful lancers that can kill
with one glance, if you happen to miss
your own first strike, perchance.

Tell me about castles in the air
that no-one lay seige too
‘lest the  devil may care.

Tell me about your Coat of Arms
and ways that you win your maiden’s

Tell me about your tales of wealth…
of jewels and crowns…
(Some won by stealth)

Of poisons and potions
of wizzards and spells
tell me of this….

Please tell me all of your
medival knight’s tales
and I’ll sit here and




© Daydreamer_Too          *All rights reserved


Author’s Note:   A little fantasy now and then, never hurts.

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