Nights Tender Keeping

Through open windows
Luna shines her light
upon living waters dance.
(in her mind)
so free.

Wind chimes sing.
Lull her with their melody
in these…
the sweetest hours.

Dying embers of day
warms an insatiable love
which refuses to slumber
in her soul
despite the bodies sleeping.

She’ll close her eyes
to the lady’s silvery gaze
glimpse a little Utopian wish
before sinking into nights
tender keeping.

© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Endless Whispers

Tick tock, tick tock
the clock on the wall never stops.
Time marches into tomorrow
regardless of whether I can
keep up with it or, not.

Home is where the heart is 
I wish you could know
how those words fall
like heaven in my hurricane.

They are each a ryhthm of tides
to quell passion’s endless quest
searching for fulfillment.

In Autumn’s first fresh kiss
I feel you arrive
touch my cheek with cool fingertips
as I’m re-living the melancholy in
kaleidoscopic colour.

Through new seasons of love
in other circles of light
I pay yet more heed to your
string of endless whispers.

© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

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Without Within

Gazing out across the waters lazy stretch
I smile
cannot drag my eyes away as
waves sweep over me, their tunes
attuned to my mind.

They penetrate its darkness
catch it in a mumble
…a jumble of remembering

Love is like a river on its
journey to the sea
but we each have to pay
the ferryman, eventually.

We share a shuddered sigh
(the breeze and I)

Do I close the book on
an unwritten page
forget the pain.
Tuck it neatly away on
the bottom shelf and never
feel that exquisite ache again.

such a long time to be
without, within

when in truth
it is the places we cannot go
that need to be touched
the most.


©  Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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Softness, I think of you with softness.

Watching a dance of clouds hear calls from
a beckoning sea and, the sky rushes
to kiss the earth.
This sweeps over my soul
…so passionately.

Sing me a song and
I’ll paint you a picture.
A story without words.

A lazy gull eyes me
and, immune to any other noise
espies the waters gentle wave
we connect through unseen strands
of universal weave on an August breeze.

Life, evolving
expands as outward ripples radiate
in never-ending streams.

Complex simplicity

for you
for me

to share and, to bear witness to the scene.

The liquid light of healing
spreads its canvas across the world
soothing memories for the soul.


© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

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Kiss the Rain

Autumn’s leaves changing
leaves me
feeling restless.

I’ll miss the summer’s warmth.

They’re dying on the ground
and soon I’ll be surrounded.

Each one, reminds.

Other’s dance by my window
I watch the rains arrive


it’s pitter-patter, splatter
soft, upon my thoughts of yesterday.

Were they yesterdays or, so
long ago it sometimes seems
like forever now.
If I die young, remember
we’re here for really
just a moment in time.

Rain always soothes the ache
I can’t describe

I’ll try to harmonise
let the peaceful
sounds caress

better yet…

It can wash thought clean of pain
I’ll go outside and

Kiss the blessed Rain.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved


*106 words + prompt*
If I have nowhere in particular to go, I’ve always loved walking in a gentle rain. Soft rain, warm rain. 
Water of any type anywhere that I can see, hear or watch its movement, has always been like a soothing balm to me.

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The Greater Hope

A hint of fragrance
sweet secrets stirred

just out of reach

emotions rise
tidal waves of passion


On bended knee
I surrender

trusting the stillness
of tranquility beyond
embrace of light.

She speaks to me now
through whispering winds
delivering a greater hope

and the world goes on

and the world goes on.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved

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I’m deeply touched by this honour, thank you.

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Journey To Now



In the wake of the wind
I watch the past receding.
A gentle breeze catching my thoughts
with salted-sweet embrace.

Miracles of love ‘neath waterfalls
caress the ache inside
with scintillating moments
I give leave to drift away over
earth’s unfolding majesty
from the spirit flame

Angel gifts
bequeathed an enchanting legacy
of silken cosmic ties
which speak the language of my soul
and guide it through its
journey back to now.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved


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Across still water
I hear her voice sometimes
as a peal of bells.

All those whispering ripples
and waves we shared

the joyous ring of laugher.

Oh how the mighty are fallen
once love arrives to breach
those well built walls.

Who could resist a
dose of those lips
eyes that pierce.

Searched mine so deeply
I appear naked unto the world
as they found my safe
hiding place, opened me up
exposing my soul’s sanctuary
once more to the light.

Memories appear.
turning to grey in mist
of days gone by.

Pictures frayed at the edges
will turn to sepia soon, too.

she knows

Oh yes, she knows

in quietude as the
moon-whispers arrive on
wings of dawn

She knows my soul
will still yield to nought
but love.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

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The Long Goodbye


Oh, how I love it
here it comes again

My beloved soft-fall rain.

It trickles and tickles
slowly through my hair
touches naked skin and
sets the flesh to tingle

…So alive.

In my solitude
(save my four-legged friend
wandering at will)
I watch the waters dance
in wonder
as ripples grow in perfect
plip-plop circles

…So soothing.

Don’t tell me
there is a difference
between fire and ice.
For, doesn’t each one burn
(sometimes with exquisite pain)
to remind us all of passion.

in those plip-plop pools
of quiet contemplation
thoughts wander too, as they will

Even now,
do we already speak the
language of the Angels
once we’ve surrendered all to love


Do we meet at the first hello
is it really
the first long goodbye.


©Daydreamer Too          *All rights reserved


Author’s note:  No, we never really say goodbye.
If I have nowhere in particular to go, I’ve always loved walking in a warm soft rain.  Always found it very soothing.

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Water, Wind and Stone



Across the water

she waits
where the mountains
meet the sky.

With a genteel radiance
she describes infinity
through the beauty of
her eyes.

Atuned to Earths vibration
I hear melodies in
hidden caverns
that reverberate to my
soul’s dance

Silent to all
save those who sing
of the joys to be shared
in the comfort of their truth


love still blooms
in water, wind and stone.


© Daydreamer Too     *All rights reserved


I believe that Love is everywhere…. both within us and without and, I believe everything we see and that which we don’t see is also alive, water, wind and yes, I believe even stone has its own type of life.

Love just….IS


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