Older than time

Chloe had a music assignment. She had to answer questions about the 1950’s and research what TV shows were popular then, what actors, best movies, what type of songs and the names of some singers or groups famous then too. She recently heard ‘The King’ and then came the insult:
“You’re older than Elvis, right?”

Sometimes I think she thinks I’m older than time itself….LOL

Shared with G-Man’s Friday Flash 55

The Artist

Everything about her was sensuous
even her silhouette
rich in mystique, as her long
tresses too swayed in time
with shapely hips.

See how she move
see how she groove
Yeah, Oh yeah,
they sang peering through
the darkness
whether the lyric
was right or wrong, nobody cared
it was her song
the alliteration sounded about
right and that’s all
that mattered.

Exterior stage spotlights dimmed
audience fell silent
it went completely dark
then the lights came back on
amidst flashes of kaleidoscopic colour and
in her trademark laid back, lilting fashion
true artist and star that she is

she began to sing.


© Daydreamertoo               *All rights reserved

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The Sunday Whirl #74
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