A Good Day

mornmist_image (1)A whistling wind whips up everything
including one of my garbage bins.
I hear the clunk, bang, slam
echo through the walls as it crashes
to the frozen ground

the dog still wants his walk
before the snow.
Camouflage jacket in place
the wind’s outrage is no hardship
to him as off he goes.
I hold his retractable leash
and follow, treading softly, slowly
around ice
(left overs from snow the other day)
aware there is more due to arrive.

My teen walks with us to the end
of the road
a quick kiss to the cheek and off
she goes to await her school bus
as Tim and I meander.

Skies are dull, dark white to grey
tree branches dance, writhe, sway
groan and moan to the song of the wind
as I pass a few women
coffee cups in hand
a man espies Timmy
gives a big smile and says:
“Good morning.”
I smile in reply ‘Morning” I say
(knowing he’s right) because
despite the expected snow
I’ll make it a good day.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

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Snow and Ice

mooniceA milky moon unfolded
to lighten a tired sigh
glassy slicks of ice on roads
gives my heart a scary blast
as it rushes over the top
tires avoiding a tragic skid

visibility clears
I itch to get home
and listen to tomorrow’s


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

*We had snow off and on all day yesterday and had to do shoveling. Got up this morning and, it’s still snowing.
It all looks so beautiful. I hate winter.

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WISDOM (2)Clouds so low
sometimes it’s hard to breathe
light is fading
is the sky falling too.

Eyes watching me
as I watch them swim

A spider
out of place
shifting grains
did I break it’s web
did it catch me
within its spin of
wonder thread.

Weeds choke this land I love
as the sea spews forth her
waste upon the shore

I have climbed
now dry, rot and, stinking


nature does what
nature is
not even wishful thinking
can stop those waves from
reaching out to clutch
my heart with salt
embracing kiss.

The sun is up there
I saw her try to flash a smile
for a little while, ’til she too
gave up the ghost and
was gone as an army
of snow clouds
gathered at a pace

Was it the thrill of it all
for them
did she leave willing, and now
she’s smiling upon someone
else’s face.

Clouds above my eyes


if the sky should fall
could I still breathe.


© Daydreamertoo                      *All rights reserved

*A little somber maybe but, (I feel is) apt today

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In the driveway either side of the car was ice
but it was one small step from it to a snow bank
and safety.

Carefully stepped out onto the ice
turned slightly to shut the door
and before I knew it one foot
slid beneath the other and down I went.

Tried to stand
thought it was a bad sprain
bummed it backwards up the snow bank
minus 14o temps.

Thankfully we had a downstairs half bathroom
I (didn’t) sleep on the couch all night
for the pain.
Next day there was an angry red rash
creeping up my shin so a friend took
me to the local ER.

“You need to go to town dear.”
The doctor said and gave me a shot of morphine.
“However did you handle all that pain?”
(Women do, when they are convinced it’s not that bad)

Had to go by ambulance to another hospital
where the surgeon told me I’d broken
tib and fib and it was the worst type of break
I could do right across the ankle. Needed an
op and then permanent metal plate and screws
to hold it all together.

I dread winter’s arrival
because to get anywhere here for at least
four whole months most of it is walked
on ice.

People ask how on earth I didn’t know
it was broken.
Didn’t I hear it crack?

I didn’t hear a snap but now
fear it happening again from the moment
the snow arrives until it leaves again
at the end of April

No, I didn’t hear the crack
but every step I take in winter re-live
over and over the sickening moment
that it happened
feel sick to my stomach
with fear.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

*That’s not my ankle but, it shows where I did the breaks. I had about 6 staples going up the inside ankle bone and about 12 on the outside. Was in 4 different casts because it took longer to heal and was in a wheelchair for over 4 months. Took a full six months before I could walk with two canes. I’m so thankful though that I could walk at all.  Even though I use steel grippers on the bottom of my boots sometimes they fail to ‘grip’ … I’m really not a coward but, my stomach does somersaults through fearing falling and breaking anymore bones now.
If I’m (mom’s) out of action, most everything grinds to a halt here…lol
dVerse Poets Poetics: POETICAPHOBIA

The Kiss

A dance of light and shadow
plays upon walls
and crinkle in lace
adds a pleasing pattern.

The pendulum swings
through time
but makes no demand
for this action

I navigate those
man-made hours aware
of cause and effect.

Yesterday’s fresh snow
a sea of sparkling jewels
which money can’t buy
and I smile

the lesson.

Winter has its own
unique beauty in so
very many ways.

Sun shines
the kiss between
earth and sky continues
my reaction is to bask in
the glow of their
undying love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Hard to find a silent place
where thinking stops and
love begins again.

In brutal fashion you arrive
with ice cold winds bringing
tears to eyes, and shivers to
join with aching bones.

In sullen mood which matches
gray skies I await the promised
fall with odd pleasure
because it wipes away the filth
of man and his hurtful touch upon
this sacred land
(if only for a while.)

Shadows and light play
upon naked branches
bent, from their burden
but not broken, standing still
in their quiescence.

This view of winter is harsh
and yet,
through turning pages and trust in
passing passages of time
warm winds will thaw the frozen
scene for love to
bloom again.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Crystal Serenade

When the house is silent
save those hearts which beat
inside its old walls
and give it life

would you know
a ray of hope flickers in the sky
has it been too long since
you dared to dream?

I see a sea of stars
across the universe and
question puzzles there
all waiting, to be solved
Here, amid the Arctic freeze
now with fresh white snow
to reflect upon

I’m dazzled by its light of
pure unbound beauty
while songs of winter lure me into
their crystal serenade.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I love hearing ice outside crackle. It almost sings as the sunlight begins at first, to warm it and it starts to move, before it melts.
Yes, we had a White Christmas  :)…. enough snow then to have to shovel, yesterday.

P.S. Although I love to see fresh snowfall I do not like to shovel it, nor (as I badly broke both tib & fib across on my ankle on ice in Jan 2007 and have a metal plate & screws to hold it all together) I like seeing ice through the window but due to that break and nearly 6 months before I could walk properly, am scared to death now to walk on it.

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Snow falls
soft, silent, virgin flakes
which cover the scene
with winter’s first new
blankets of wonder.

I wander paths that
haven’t been seen for
some time
and, you appear

Come close enough
to reach in through the
hollow of bones which ache
and touch the depth of
my spirit as it tries
to stay upon its
sacred road
leaving misery behind.

A world apart

All of life flounders
in the shallow of each day
but safe inside the hearts
of those who love
we breathe in
…exhaling clarity.

The snow dances her
sensual ballet for me
(a captive audience)
as chests rise and fall
all inside of destiny’s
seamless prediction.


© Daydreamertoo                *All rights reserved

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Music of the Snow

We await her arrival
when the last stubborn leaf
finally gives up the ghost and
has fallen from the bough.

I, with mixed feelings
of love-hate relationship
(A true unconventional Bohemian)

She brings a hush that quietens
(enough sometimes)
to hear Heaven’s sounds in
nature’s timeless journey.

To see the sea of jewels
in kaleidoscopic sparkles
glitter and glow
stirs a dismayed heartbeat
into awareness that
life will still live and breathe
in endless flow
beneath her ice cold sheen.

Adrift in inner warmth
I’ll watch the Sleeping-Beauty ballets
recalling whispered moments
forgotten in all things that’ve passed
Yet, will return once more
in sensual silent dance
music of the snow.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved

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