Summer Night Dream

© Albert Bloch Summer Night 1913

Is it a monster over there
red and furry
eyes that stare and mouth
gaping, wide open.
Nothing is clear
just don’t go too near.

A crown lays in waste
upon cotton-wool roads
(maybe a toad-king lost it)

Mountains reach for
who knows where
sparklers of ice catch sun
or, are they moonbeams.

(if that is truly what they are)
seem lost also
pondering the scene

an oddly placed hand
hides sexuality
and yet
theirs is so ambiguous
as too, is this
summer nights dream.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

*I read this about this painting and have to agree:

Summer Night is a purely poetic composition. Do not look at it as a picture; look at it as if it were, say, the drop curtain of a theatre, for then it would not seem at all strange, but on the contrary a very unusual and very beautiful curtain”

So, taking the pic for what it is, and the title being a bit like Shakespeare’s Midsummer Nights Dream I also went with the dream theme.

Shared with Magpie Tales#133 Art of Albert Bloch

Poets United Pantry #113