Life’s Endless

My Guiding Light1
The wind has stories to tell
she speaks in so many ways

she comes in whispers meant
for my ears alone.

Sometimes she comes
with such a mighty roar
she can be heard for

life is such
a maze of

Gnarled fingers run
through fine thin hair
how wonderful the rush now
As sun warms skin
waves beneath
have shifted ice above
so urgent the desire to
flowing once again.

this heart yearns to free itself
from winter’s cold, slow dying

after all

winter is only one season of
Life’s Endless.

© Daydreamer      *All rights reserved

Endless Love

Time is forever, to a child.
They have no concept of finality
…of endings, and so it is
with mother nature.
There is no compromise in
her forward march.

If spring remained where it is
everything would stay in bud
seed would not begin to grow
roses, never bloom.

If summer with her unrelenting heat
were always on the boil
soon, everything would shrivel up
dry and, die.

If autumn didn’t ever shed
its shroud of kaleidoscopic leaves
what then would enrich the ground
from the mulch they bring.
Where would that endless bounty go
and what would become of the life
of trees which were never left to rest
nor sleep the sleep of the just.

If winter made the decision to stay
(especially here where we are)
everything would remain locked up tight
in deep perpetual freeze.
Nothing could stir to grow or flow.

We curse the heat and bugs of summer
hate the cold and ice
yet, endless seasons would bring
about a nightmare all of their own.

As for me,
I simply count my blessings
pleased to see each come
pleased to see them go.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Shared with Poetry Jam Endless Seasons Very interesting and enjoyable prompt Peggy
Three Word Wednesday CCC111 Compromise, Decision, Forward

Ad Infinitum

In shriveling leaves I leave
my yesterdays to
another place in time
to lay within their cool
crisp, morning grasp.

Autumn begins to change into
her cloak of many colours
each, a pure beauty to behold
despite unwelcome new chills.

So many questions, still
and yet
we cannot really ask the questions
until the answers are known.

I meditate
gaze into a powerful silence
hold a million thoughts
inside those leaves which
dance upon the breeze.

You take your leave
in silent ways too
new splashes of colour appear
and none can stop the changing

Life spins in endless cycles
of birth, life, death
as our spirits too flow

ad infinitum.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: Autumn Chill is in the Air


Autumn leaves begin to fall
varying colour every day
preparing for the change of season.

I do not yearn for this new season
adequate temperatures will soon fall
beyond the comfort of bones through each day.

But, time marches on, hour by hour day by day
and nature needs her time to rest from summer’s busy season
just wish I could hibernate through winter after fall.

Early fall is beautiful but day surrenders light to rapid cooling change of season.

© Dayreamertoo *All rights reserved

*The leaves are starting to fall. I saw some on the grass this morning one, covered in raindrops from last nights rain, so beautiful but, was also reminded that Autumn is on its way and all too soon after it, comes the long (and dreaded) ice/snow and sub zero temps of winter and I hate the shorter daylight hours too.

Had to study this form and needed to understand it in easy language. I found this Tritina explanation pretty clear and followed it. Hope I did it properly.

Shared with dVerse Poets Form for all: Tritina

Something of Time

ParkeHarrison Turning to Spring

So, this explains it all.
There had to be a keeper
someone who just does
Maybe he doesn’t even know why anymore
he just does what he does because
it’s what he always done
and the one before him
and the one before him
and the one before him
ad infinitum.

He opens the fabric and tinkers
a little tinker here
a little tinker there
and cogs change their momentum
speeding things up
slowing them down.

Cogs in chains
wheels within wheels
all working as one
circles, all the same.

I always wondered who governed
this amazing
‘Something of time’
now I know it is he
who shifts and fine-tunes seasons
turning summer’s into autumn’s
winter’s into spring.

© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Fascinating photograph. It’s title is: Turning to Spring. I like their statement explaining their works on their website.

Shared with Magpie Tales #109 Photograph by  Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison

Kick of Life

I turn away from a cold kiss
which clasps each breath as
winter’s dying bequeaths.

From a distance
vow never to let you go
yield your secrets through
a depth of pain and
understanding only you
could know.

In alliance with other seasons
all melting into you from
fields of iced tears and of
heavy hearts

In this frozen purity
and longest sleep of the just
from introspective yearnings
knowing this mood soon will pass and
spring will bring back that
new-born kick of life again.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Poetry Picnic #15

Winds of Change

Lights flicker in the quiet dark
(somehow soothing)
blow a thousand proverbial kisses
into the winds of change
for courage to see
To really see
what is.

Without malice
sometimes I retreat too far
into the Cancerian shell
(that safe place I hide
behind the mask of
smoke and mirrors)

Curl into a ball
lost within the fog
so I don’t have to fall again
…or hurt.

In daydreams
I swirl, twirl
then unfurl a dance of words
across another silent page.

We can fill the sky with
learn to lick the wounds
(from those dreadful cuts of life)
which cannot ever heal
until we let them go


Blow soft upon these thoughts
as they move forward in
momentum by themselves
changing with the changing
of the seasons.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights Reserved

Sometimes time stands still unless or, until we change our thinking.
Or, sometimes changes in our lives occur whether it’s what we wish to happen, or not.

 Shared with dVerse Poets #Poetics

Four Seasons Of Love


We live
We grow
We learn

We teach
We die

Is that all there is..

No, No, No No, No, No.

Thoughts dance naked unto the world
on whiffs of sweet fragrance and
flights of fantasy that share the air
where all secrets have been revealed.

From the depths of my inner sea
they leave their sanctuary as
past desire flickers its sadness
over distant shadows on
the borders of wonder, where
truth meets the mystery of time.

With the passage of age
wisdom comes in lines and
aches that remind

There are four seasons of love

and, I have weathered them all.


wiser and ‘neath such genteel radiance
I unwind in the glow of the sun.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved


(I believe) There’s the  first season of heady, crazy falling in love. The second season is growing together, adapting to sharing life. Third season, is the steady, blossoming love that is our comfort. Fourth season is the one that has weatherd all the storms and beats the many tests of time until, death do you part.

Shared with: Carry on Tuesday #111 (Prompt: Is that all there is)
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