WISDOM (2)Clouds so low
sometimes it’s hard to breathe
light is fading
is the sky falling too.

Eyes watching me
as I watch them swim

A spider
out of place
shifting grains
did I break it’s web
did it catch me
within its spin of
wonder thread.

Weeds choke this land I love
as the sea spews forth her
waste upon the shore

I have climbed
now dry, rot and, stinking


nature does what
nature is
not even wishful thinking
can stop those waves from
reaching out to clutch
my heart with salt
embracing kiss.

The sun is up there
I saw her try to flash a smile
for a little while, ’til she too
gave up the ghost and
was gone as an army
of snow clouds
gathered at a pace

Was it the thrill of it all
for them
did she leave willing, and now
she’s smiling upon someone
else’s face.

Clouds above my eyes


if the sky should fall
could I still breathe.


© Daydreamertoo                      *All rights reserved

*A little somber maybe but, (I feel is) apt today

Shared with dVerse PoetsPoetics: Detail to set a scene or create a character

Yesterday’s Dreams

Yesterday’s Dreams © Jack Vettriano

Light blows in through the thin net
as she breathes out her sadness.

Yesterday’s dreams
are now, just that.
Gone up in smoke
along with her cigarette’s.
(The prop she does her best
to hide behind.)

Unkempt hair.
Long tresses hang loose
but, she doesn’t care
A beauty left pondering
life’s often bitter blows
behind comparative seclusion
of the lace, iron-curtain.

It could have been
should have been
would have been


the chance is gone
along with yesterday.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved



*This is just my interpretation of the pic. I see her as being perhaps, resigned, melancholy,  sad.

Shared with Magpie Tales #126  ‘Yesterday’s Dreams’ by artist  Jack Vettriano



Beautiful woman, why so sad?
Is life so bad that you’d curl into a ball?
Petals fall through the air in minuscule pieces
sending sweetest fragrance to fill my
senses and, I am sensitive to
those tears you hide.

No, they are not trivial.

You make me want to cry
as I pick up these petals of
your heart and hold them
to my own for,
I too have known
such longing.
In naked truth sometimes we
find answers to questions
we ought never to have asked.


Beautiful woman
I can sit and stare at your
splendid isolation or reach
out to soothe the loneliness
I too must bear.
Time will ease the ache as
memory fades all colour
from those fallen petals.


Look into my eyes and trust that
hope will rise with just one step
into life’s new spring.

Let go the deviant stems.

The pain will end
and you and I will see that
roses bloom again.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

My thoughts on the picture.

Shared with Three word Wednesday CCLX11 Minuscule,Deviant,Trivial
With real Toads Triptych: Poetry In Three Parts

Never say Goodbye

Sorrow oft times sings her song
through ice cold blasts and
whistles down the wind

Melodies which call between
the darkness and the light

She weeps for a silent heart
and sadness heaves its heavy
burden upon a mother’s shoulders.

Haunting notes here and there
reach in to touch so much more
than any words would ever do.

We forget we were born to fly
and love gives us wings

To fly as Angels do, above clouds
carried on the upward lift
of your beautiful love

Always say ‘adieu, so long’
Never say Goodbye.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

For Ann and Chris.

Shared with Poets United Think Tank #81

Don’t Forget To Breathe



Today I found some precious time
alone, before the rain arrived.
Turned my collar against the
wind’s cold hands
tasted the sky once more and
felt alive, again.

A moment
of love
of dreams, aloud.

I saw through the grey veil
of passing clouds to
where pieces of hearts were
painted with words that
cannot be said.

If my soul does not feel
all the love there ever was
and will ever be
what is there left

…what is there left.

the most beautiful secrets
are always planted deeply,
nurtured and, grown into
treasured memories
almost as if…
that which cannot be seen

still sings in harmony with
everything that can.

I look to the sea and
hear you calling, softly.
Offer up prayers of gratitude
for the blessings that were mine
from the simple beauty of
sunlight on your face to
the unmistakable look of love
in your eyes

with barely a whisper
hear your voice in the waves say

‘Don’t forget to breathe.’



© Daydreamer Too   *All rights reserved