Prince or Pauper

He sits upon the cold, hard slab

Watching the turgid river
fill to overflowing
rise up to greet the sky.

Clouds roll through with thunder
but the river’s swollen rage
calms his own inner qualms
somehow soothes his
longing to belong.

At times he feels so small
against the weight of it all.

Is he prince or pauper
will never know.


© Daydreamertoo         *All rights reserved

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The River

You rise and fall in tranquil
ripples and waves
oft times deep
cling to banks and other subtle curves
seeking every secret place.

Lure me
(like a lovers arms)
Mist lifts
showing your lust for life
as a perfect shiver runs my spine
it is all connected to
the divine through sublime
genetic memory.

she lives and breathes
free as yet, from
winters freeze and
with steady rhythmic rhythm
throbs inside my veins.

Enveloped within this embrace
I remember then
why I laughed or, cried
as thought drifts with you
on your journey
to the sea.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

For those who don’t already know, I love water.  I’m Cancer star sign, have always been drawn to any type of water, and also La Luna, the lady moon. Grew up living close to or, a short bus ride away from water in a seaside town and, cannot imagine people living anywhere that doesn’t have water nearby. When people say they live in the middle of a country, and haven’t ever seen a beach or the ocean, I just know it would kill my soul to not be near to water, albeit, a river, stream, or, an ocean. I love it’s music, movement, living energy and, nearly always find my inner peace by being close to water.

Also love the stars and space.

Life….it’s all so fascinating.

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Beat of the World

 With gentle tremor
the wind whispers
‘trees live’
I hear their music through
rustling leaves.

Sea laps the shore
with endless sweet kisses
on high tides of blessings
and gratitudes.

Birds sing their own song
on wings of joy
and, in freedom of flight.

With bluest of skies
clouds share their air
and dance upon the earth
as they move in
shifting shadows
what my mind wishes
them to be.

Each blade of grass
each tiny tear that falls

is as important
as you and I

Once we have heard
the beat of the world.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I used to live in the house whose deck you can just make out the corner of, on the right of the pic. Loved this river.  Water is my life’s blood.

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Without Within

Gazing out across the waters lazy stretch
I smile
cannot drag my eyes away as
waves sweep over me, their tunes
attuned to my mind.

They penetrate its darkness
catch it in a mumble
…a jumble of remembering

Love is like a river on its
journey to the sea
but we each have to pay
the ferryman, eventually.

We share a shuddered sigh
(the breeze and I)

Do I close the book on
an unwritten page
forget the pain.
Tuck it neatly away on
the bottom shelf and never
feel that exquisite ache again.

such a long time to be
without, within

when in truth
it is the places we cannot go
that need to be touched
the most.


©  Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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Dance of Elegance

Softly she sighs as
daylight comes.
I see the sun rise in
her eyes and smile at
light of dawn.

Her reflection shines



She moves across the water in
the stillness of my mind
and soon my thoughts are
lost in clouds of
feathered down as she lifts
her wings to flutter


never makes a

She ruffles my heart with
the majesty of her
Her feathers tickle me
lightly as she plays a
symphony of sound in the
ripples lovely

A perfect gift from
heaven with that twinkle in
her eye.
She glides into my dreams.
beautiful water

Perfection personified


So pleasing to my eye.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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