Two for One on Rain

Too much, and you’re a curse. Not enough, and your presence is prayed for.
Splish, splash, splosh.
Always loved the gentle rains, not so much when you’re cold as ice, just a nice soft rain that falls upon my cheeks or, window pane.
You can rain on my parade anytime. I promise, I won’t mind.

Shared with G-Man’s Flash 55


Walking in the rain
in a daydreamers mind
the gentle rains of autumn
I call my
‘peaceful kind.’

Puddles at my feet
stirring ripples in the heart
liquid drops of thought
swelling rivers in my eyes
trickle out to greet those
falling from the

Footstep follows footstep
soft rain soaks and seeps
into the sadness within.

Letting go the ties of love
is so very hard to do
especially when you loved
a friend…
as I, my friend
…loved you.

Peaceful walk in a soft fall rain
each tiny tear
drops of liquid pain.

But I can see you now
chastising my sorrow.

I smile, wipe my eyes and
bless this much loved rain
for I’m sure it’s the angels
weeping too, so pleased
they are at meeting

Water is Life and…

I feel ‘you’ in the rain.


© Daydreamertoo    *All rights reserved


I wrote this a long time ago when one of my Aunt’s second husband died.  He was a good friend and, I loved him.
Shared with Poets United Thursday think Tank Prompt #67 Rain



Day yields her chaotic light at last
to the venerable stars as
silent breath and movement
share the ancient moon with
each last persistant ray

One, reluctant to leave and
another yet to reach to dawn
from the peaceful dark.

The pureness of
a brand new tomorrow
awaits in windows through
which I gaze
reflecting both past and future
where guardians of the soul
hold my fragile heart as it beats
inside the calmest breast
knowing it will thrive
showered in their blessed love
as I look once more to
the invisible horizon.



© Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved


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Shared with One Single Impression #171 Endure