Lady of the Rainbow

Delicate lady of the air
you’ve made me wish to stand and stare
parading your wares for all to see
I gasp as your beauty first stuns
then, leaves me breathless.

I feel a need to hold you, but helpless….
instead, offer my hands to catch those
drops which softly fall into my palms
(like a lovers gentle caress excites)
and know that that is how you too would
feel, if only you could be touched for real.
Soaked now as rain keeps falling
but still, I cannot ignore your sight or
wish the blessed rain to go away
nor raise a frown whilst my gaze is fixed.

Can I reach out and touch you…..dare I try?
or will you vanish from the dark blue sky
I entreat you, please do not leave
You are all the colours there will ever be
and tell me……
Is there really a pot of gold hidden at your feet?

But then,

do not divulge those secrets that are yours to keep
I care not for any chest of gold for
you are the treasure as far as I can see,
sent from the heavens above

Lady of the Rainbow….

You are one of Gods’ purest gifts of Love.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Naked Thought


All doors open
Not a new concept
but in keeping with old
indomitable truth’s tradition.

Through crystal glass windows
(some might call a diverse dverse)
I’ve seen rainbow colour prisms,
share their kaleidoscopic rays
as yet, unscathed by
strife scratched days.

Where Angels must dream
in my sky of satin blue
I too, am so aware
that a single drop of H2O
holds all of universal time
and DNA strands are
as powerful now as in their
unique and ancient creation
almighty, but yet
as delicate as a butterfly
sits upon the hip
of life.


© Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved

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