Beauty is the Beast

She basks in glory of the mid-day sun
and with freedom to enjoy the same
sprawls out along the water’s edge
reflecting more than name.

So serene…

Grace inherited from the ancients
she needs no reminder of her beauty
for she knows she is a

Kings have bowed before her majesty
and walked right by
her side..
For she is power…
She is might…
and in full flight, she’s deadly.

Tiger, perfect tiger.

God must have wanted you
this way ..

For no-one else could paint
your lines in such unique array.

You are a shinning beacon
of what true beauty is.
Helen ‘launched’ a thousand ships
but you have a history of captured
hearts that have loved you just the same.
Why….your very name brings tears
to a faithfull lovers eyes.

No wonder you sprawl and seem
even to smile when you do not
know the cost in lives your kind
has lost to your perfection.

Gazing at your reflection
in peace
every inch of you
a queen.

Ohh tiger…perfect tiger….
So perfectly devine

I weep upon your beauty
at once a blessing and a curse
as you, yourself, lay complete in
in such sweet repose, and think…

This land is


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved


Author’s note:
I don’t think anyone can better the poet William Blake’s famous piece ‘Tiger, Tiger’ for it’s perfect descriptions of this beautiful creature but I’ve written about the Tiger before and probably will do so many more times too because, I believe that it is one of the most perfect of all Earths creatures and that we need to do what we can to preserve what is left of their numbers before they become just a picture in a book or a short video clip. I do what little I can to help these and others of our endangered fellow Earth inhabitants in small ways.
 Do you?…

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