Life’s Endless

My Guiding Light1
The wind has stories to tell
she speaks in so many ways

she comes in whispers meant
for my ears alone.

Sometimes she comes
with such a mighty roar
she can be heard for

life is such
a maze of

Gnarled fingers run
through fine thin hair
how wonderful the rush now
As sun warms skin
waves beneath
have shifted ice above
so urgent the desire to
flowing once again.

this heart yearns to free itself
from winter’s cold, slow dying

after all

winter is only one season of
Life’s Endless.

© Daydreamer      *All rights reserved

It Does

A solitary note hangs in
steamy stillness
suspended there in silence
Waiting to find
its rightful place
in time.

still so lost
and destiny’s path holds
a neon lighted sign
to my desolation.

Strange how clouds
took on the shape they did
Held me up with
a strength I lacked
reminding, that I too
am held in
arms of the Angels.

Neither here nor there
reaching out and touching you
made the most beautiful
connection and,
united in a common bond
saved me.

Always remembering
earth to earth
ashes to ashes
dust to dust

And, somewhere out there
is a loving flame that
burns eternally

just because
it does.

© Daydreamer          *All rights reserved

Writing in the Margins

world jumble words[8]Words take shape
in the margins of my mind

in its labyrinths and dusty corners
lurking there behind shadows waiting
to become what they are meant to be

Sometimes wings
which lift, sift, flutter, fly

Sometimes waves which rise up
rage, ripple, roll.

My words sometimes dance
close, rhythmic, heated and sensual
across a waiting page.

Taking shape and form
as soon as they are born

petals in the sun
or, under snow
tremble at the touch
so do my words reflect their joy
when I think of home
knowing there is love.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

*This came about because I saw a question asking people to write where their words for their poetry come from

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