Until the end of time

image2In public domain
a beautiful muli-faceted crystal ball
shines its mesmerizing rays
across the length
of my days.

Her strange love
still delivers me

the key to her temple
still beating deep within


what you may never know
is in encoded,
the prophecy written for
its taking.

Her lasting legacy

a journey home to self

until the end of

©Daydreamer   All rights reserved


LighthandsA smile
reaching beyond borders
held me


A breath in time
caught on winds of song

lifting sadness
took it on a
ride through joy.

Oh, the battles that I’ve had
mostly from within


The Phoenix rises

her ashes soon forgotten
as she takes up her flight

Aware that even in death
She will never leave her
soul’s work


© Daydreamer   *All rights reserved

Water Music


Soft playing notes lapping
at the shores of my

A lone seagull flies high above
as white and as soothing
to see its freedom of
flight as the soft foam which
falls in sweet, sweet
melodies onto ripples in
the sand that also
(like the beaches in my heart)
is home to my love.

Heavens music could be no
more than this


As those living…
giving, waves tease my
heightened senses.


then, kiss the shore sensually
with long lingering notes of
quiet musical passion.
Each graceful swish a
kiss of excellence to a
lovers eager


Let the music play and I
will love you eternally.

Such sweet music to my ears.

‘Oh…how I love you, sea.’
Said the Earth.

And then, she smiled.


                    ©Daydreamer     *All Rights reserved

A World Unseen

imageI follow footsteps in the sand
create my own
watch the tide’s ebb and flow
as life still turns

Spins a magic spell
in waves of sound

the day ends all too soon.

Lanterns on the way
chase away the dark

spiritual drums beat…
caress with a touch of grace
giving leave to memorize

…a face.

Immortal thoughts from
a world unseen

a glance
a dance in fireglow

I offer up a prayer
and share the secrets
of the dream.

© Daydreamer                  *All rights reserved


music_note_and_people_vector_550932It’s all lines
laughter lines
life lines



where would I be
without those notes
of sanity.

They’re all Greek to me


make such a beautiful

A semi quaver
treble clef

A note
suspended momentarily
and I shiver from the
silence in between.

Passion stirs in the pauses
which rise and fall.

I swim with its flow
realising I cannot read but,
can clearly hear the sounds of
ecstasy and love
you share in every line.

© Daydreamer                   *All rights reserved

Pure Thought

phoenix1Shake off yesterday
rake through its ashes
and use them to fertilise
tomorrows dreams.

The undying flame



Never extinguished.

A friend said:
‘She killed you’


maybe she killed me


love doesn’t quit.

Drums kept the rhythm
of my heartbeat steady
as her arrows continued
to pierce the skin.

Love is
in the waves continual roll
and, clouds have stolen my thunder
for their own nefarious

There’s great power in surrender.

Submitting all will
to the higher ‘One’

 gaining back in return

Pure Thought.

© Daydreamer *All rights reserved

This is just some jumbled thoughts on someone who drained me, emotionally. I gave too much of myself to in so many ways but was never given loyalty or, even honesty in return. But, we always tend to rise out of negativity.

A Painful Bliss

writing2The page was blank
but, it began with words
a song, a smile
music, laughter shared.

A glance, a dance
two hearts afraid
take another

Life had bought us
to our knees where
we prayed
You, in your way
me, in mine.

Battles fought, lost and won

A touch, a kiss,
hurts undone.

Path then taken
to the greatest love
twin souls caressed
each others tears
and all of fear
soon fled.

A beginning
a middle
right through to the end.

Such painful bliss.

© Daydreamer                         *All rights reerved


Ocean loveA soft breeze gently lifts my hair
sparkles on the water now increase
after winters dying.

I play a lovers theme



Let go within the
steady flow of notes amid

A harmony of mood which
(until now)
had been all too evasive.

The last battle
nearly bought about my undoing


Your spirit moved me
into no surrender.

There was a momentary madness
a necessary sadness

Yet through pain
comes wisdom

I endured the fire



©Daydreamer        *All rights reserved

Touch Your Heart

598005874d9d18229e9f59c4cf6e64d0-1Passion stirs
words seek once again
to play.

She lives in a world
of want and need
surprised again by a longing
which she’d thought
was quenched.

as the fire burns
still she yearns
each passing day

to feel alive

She gains strength
from love in ways which
most may never know
and, never

Touch your heart, I’m there

She touches it

Assured of the presence
still held safe in that
deepest of connection.

Even in death

…She has never left.


       ©Daydreamer              *All rights reserved

Winter Thoughts

The earth beneath my feet cooling
grows harder by the day
preparing for the deep sleep
of winter now.

Late Autumn fog replaced
with glistening white frost

Trees stand there
silent, bare
ready to clench their roots
as far as they can into the ground
for fear of snapping in these
coldest of climes and biting winds
which winter brings.

The bridge across divisions of
autumn and winter completed as
(no longer faint)
I see my own cold-gasped-breath
in-between watching the first
snow flakes dance across
my world


gently prod my thoughts into
remembering what it is I am
supposed to do
as the dog waits eager
to go onward and greet our
frozen new day.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

*We were already out walking as these thoughts came to mind this morning.
It’s -6 c here right now. That pic is one I took of Tim last winter. He’s started wearing his combat coat again this past couple of weeks. Cute eh …lol

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If we knew all of the answers there would be no point
in our existing anymore.
He who can no longer pause to wonder and
stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead;
his eyes are closed
The most beautiful thing we can experience
is the mysterious. It is the source of
all true art and science.

As a youth I took it so for granted
it hadn’t done me any favours
to me, it was neither here nor there
and yet, and yet,

I never stopped searching for the truth.

At the center of the ball of cosmic string
I found love the biggest thing
the reason for everything
…and life, well
everything about it fascinates.


I will never stop seeking life’s truths
until the day I die.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Life itself is a gift.

The words in italics are quotes by that very famous Brain Albert Enistein

 Shared with Poets United Wonder Wednesday? #8 E=mc2… or,  Einstein quotes

Birth of Dreams

A west wind blows
warm summer winds
breaking through a mood
which is not unique
…in fact, quite the
ordinary, mundane.

Collecting all thought
in one sweet breath of life
I surf its waves and spiraling patterns

No, I cannot condemn any pain
while searching for its reason.

But, in those golden days when you
sing in praise of love or glory
will you remember too, that
once I was your stepping stone
and helped give birth to
some of your dreams.


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

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Poets United Vice Versa: Unique/Ordinary Condemn/Praise

Rivers of Life

Still runs the river
O, so tranquilly
flowing in three seasons
through a lazy tangle
of overhanging trees
which stand as centurion guards
to further shade your mysteries.

Drifting along
there’s a song in your heart
which I too, can feel
as you reveal your moods.

Lazy flowing waters
I love to watch as music
fills my heart from your
un-conducted play.

Ripples sing your song
nature’s perfect symphony
flowing, ever flowing
on your journey to the sea.

Today you struck a perfect cord
and I shared your harmony.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I used to live in the house from where I snapped this picture. It is about 15 to 20 feet back from overlooking that river. It is beautiful and flows endlessly, until winter freezes it’s surface and then the ice becomes so many inches deep. But, even so, as it goes out to the sea, it still flows beneath all the ice.

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Three Word Wednesday Feel, Shade, Tangle

The Path of Least Resistance

Water gurgles
laps its ancient dance
of life, giving life
around stones which
also love this intimacy
of play.

I can see clearly now that
ultimately it’s all about balance.

Denying the negative from taking up
permanent residence
and a reconciliation between
heart and mind
bringing order from chaos.

Healing comes in accolades
of hope and promise
on the path of least resistance
as the spirit, mind and body
align once more
reaching harmony.


© Daydreamertoo               *All rights reserved

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The Tree of Life

Sometimes bogged down in the mire
caught among the roots
we dwell in that chill of dark
content that this is what it is
to live our preordained destiny.

But our fate is ours by birth-right

If we own nothing at all
we do own the choices we make.

The tree of life stands tall
but what dreams may come if we
choose to climb.

I refuse to live amid those
cold dark roots
by hook or by crook I’m climbing its
trunk, all of its limbs and
cut, bruised or bleeding, will
scramble my way to the top
Nothing will keep me
from seeing the stars.

We sometimes disappoint daily
fail to do what’s right
the Creator never has nor, does.

We’re given brand new days for each
of us to try again.
We can choose to make the
same mistakes and remain
exactly where we are in place
but, that is not for me
I’ll be busy climbing
that tree of life
(if we love it)
what choice do we have
but to follow where it leads.


© Daydreamertoo                 *All rights reserved

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