Pieces of the Night

It comes from all the little pieces of the night
broken down into their smallest parts

cosmic atoms,

Sparkles across the sea of life


Scattering clouds of discontent.

(The pursuit of love
is always a just cause.)

Hands, touching hands
touching hearts
touching minds.

Thoughts drift on a steady
beat of day

Slow, easy…

As Eagle wings unfold
then, glide.

At last…

The seventh veil
reveals a necessary sadness
inducing temporary madness


reaching through the ether
an eternal flame

invites the Phoenix soul
to fly
from the wreckage of her
life’s endless storm

brings it to the final acceptance

always above and beyond
for the greater good.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved


Author: Been a while since I was here. May be a while till I return again. Who knows….only time. ūüôā


Soft light which glows silver
shimmers across those
pathways in my mind.

Flow steady and I’ll follow
where you lead
for, I find peace in the
music of your sway.

Take me to the solitude
of quiet coves
Safe harbours for fragile hearts
which ache for simplicity.

What joy you bring to this soul
when seeking harmony


freedom of flight
to go anywhere that I please
even those places
I oft times fear
to dwell

truth to tell

I love your blessed sanctuary

Soft music
moon over water
what more could be
wished for.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

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God has no religion

For far too long
a hundred years or so
we’ve left true values behind
in the ego’s race for want.

What we have is never enough
greed became the champion
and, money its insatiable goal.

Once I was a part of it all
which left me quite uneasy
deep down in my soul
(there had to be more to life
than this)
and then I learned how to love
…to truly love

the kind of unselfish love where you
know you would gladly die to let
the ones you love, live.

My values changed.
I changed.


if the world should crumble
and end times battle lines
are clearly being drawn
it won’t bother me too much.

I surrender to the will
of the universe
which has always been stronger
than the ego of man
and hope the spirit within
will live on in a new much
more compassionate, reality.


© Daydreamertoo              *All rights reserved

Dying used to frighten me but after Cathie passed away both Chloe and I had many, independent events occur which couldn’t be denied. We both¬†separately¬†see light orbs in two different houses including the one we live in now. We hear noises, things will fall over for no reason. A bang of a drawer closing and such. We feel something touch us and raise our hair, or the tiny hairs on our skin, as if a hand just brushed it.
So she wouldn’t be scared we were being haunted, when she was nine, I would never tell her anything of what happened when she wasn’t home and, it wasn’t until she would tell me about things that were happening to her that I told her it was happening to me too. Now, we just say out loud ‘Whoever you are, go with God and be ¬†in peace.’ ¬†I explained that if this was something that meant us harm, we would know it because it would try to scare us and drive us out, so don’t be scared. We’ve both often wondered if it’s Cathie.
I read so much and have learned so much over the years, love drives everything. And, I truly feel that when our body dies, our soul leaves just at the point of death and, depending on whether it has learned all that it came here to experience it either occupies another body to carry on or, it moves onto its next level of spirituality. (Apparently scientists have weighed the bodies of dying people who have consented, and at the point of their last breath, their weight decreases minutely and, they think this is the soul exiting the body so that it can carry on) And having gone deep enough within to have seen my own light, I can honestly say, I don’t fear death anymore.
Of course, that is not to say I don’t think about the manner in which it comes. Asleep in bed would be the best way for me but, Que sera, sera. (What will be, will be)
I do personally feel that if this planets Doomsday does arrive, the spirit within those humans who have tried to deny ego and have learned what unconditional love is, will be the ones that will live on spiritually.

Long explanation but this is just some of what makes me ‘tick’

‘God has no religion’ is a quote by that beautiful soul Mahatma Gandhi

**We are all entitled to our own beliefs and what we are comfortable in believing is our truth. My truth may not be yours.

As Mary pointed out: ‘Greed has existed since the origin of man’ yes… but, I am speaking of the big corporate greed that exists now. The greed behind all governments which really controls who eats, who gets aid and, who is expendable¬†and yes, also greed of individuals who want what they want and don’t care about anyone else or how they get it.

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Quiet Revolution

In ambient blue
stress levels slide downhill
from their peak once again
as I lose myself
with classic lines and notes
of purest mood, oblivious
to the obvious around me.

Now, becomes then.
I came to life when I saw
the fire in your eyes
At first I thought it freak
refusing to believe
so secure was I, behind those
impenetrable walls
all it took was a sliver
The smallest shard that
wasn’t satisfied, until it
it had reached my soul.

Squashing fear underfoot
I stepped lightly into the unknown
All walls came tumbling down
and suddenly I too, was
basking in the glow.

There’s a certain ripple effect
produced by being loved
(If only all wars could be won
with such a quiet revolution)


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights Reserved

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The Tie That Binds



I hear your call
all around the lonely hills.
A harmony of natures sounds
soothes the reverie.
Sing your song of joy
like lovers do
through early morning mist
rising up to greet my
brand new day.
Whisper to me in
long swaying grass
as I clasp you to my breast
watch the waves dance
and weep for the beauty of 
their untamed rolling thunder.
Jubilant in my jeweled nights
I’ll leave tears to the Heavens
Remember in a cascading
rain of light how your fragrance lingered
entranced and captured my thoughts
in a shower of petals that yield
to nought, but love.
I surrender all will to the
eternal tie that binds.
© Daydreamer Too           *All Rights reserved

And love just IS… Simply, Love.




Day yields her chaotic light at last
to the venerable stars as
silent breath and movement
share the ancient moon with
each last persistant ray

One, reluctant to leave and
another yet to reach to dawn
from the peaceful dark.

The pureness of
a brand new tomorrow
awaits in windows through
which I gaze
reflecting both past and future
where guardians of the soul
hold my fragile heart as it beats
inside the calmest breast
knowing it will thrive
showered in their blessed love
as I look once more to
the invisible horizon.



© Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved


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