The way of love

stepsWords flow
in never ending stream
and music plays.

The silent scream
forgotten now
as time eases pain
’til only breath

Wind whistles a symphony
casting perfect shadows
on the darkest bend.

There is only one way

emptiness fed on a
slip of hope
light as the feather I caught
in its moment of fall

I breathe in a wish
where a promise of forever
touched my soul
with magic and mystery

There is only one way
(you said)

The way of Love


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved

Life’s Prize


Rain, rain, rain
falling on my mood

hits the roof
I sit in
filling me with…


Is that hope I see
on the other side
shifting the misery
and gloom.

A loan gull floats
upon wild waves
amid white horses
galloping a pace

the water too
as restless
tosses, rolls
releases him once
again to swim.

I shiver like
the tree limbs do
still awaiting the cloaks
to hide their naked
winter sleep.

and I…

I hold this time within
and count it as
life’s prize.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved

The God You Know

2572507She gazed into my eyes and
touched my soul

Caressed the pain it held
with sensual excellence.

No price was too high
no debt too great
no sacrifice too dear to
walk the path not taken.

When fates collide
the quest becomes

It denies
hearts of darkness
to fulfill its destiny

reaching through
the ether to stroke the
ties that bind

to find purity in
fallen angels

to rescue a mortal beloved
for the greater good

to unite under a
Heavenly sky

discover the God
you know

…is love.

© Daydreamer        *All rights reserved


LighthandsA smile
reaching beyond borders
held me


A breath in time
caught on winds of song

lifting sadness
took it on a
ride through joy.

Oh, the battles that I’ve had
mostly from within


The Phoenix rises

her ashes soon forgotten
as she takes up her flight

Aware that even in death
She will never leave her
soul’s work


© Daydreamer   *All rights reserved

Hats Off

be a girl with mind, woman with attitude and a lady with classInnate space expands relentless
rejuvenates rampant stress
each cosmic breath inhales the bland
exhaling endless magic across the
universal spectrum.

Desire and passion race through
waves coast to coast
until they reach their objects.

She was forged from
heat and sweat of love
delicious, delicate love
to which
(now that she is grown)
she too, will take
her hat off.


©  Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

Shared with The Sunday Whirl #86
Poets United Pantry #127


You can feel it like a blanket
spreading over you.

It’s electrifying!

Hot ‘n’ Humid.

Feel it….
the beat coming
in the heat.

Shivers up and down your spine
love by candlelight
you know it’s on the way
It’s in the air

Your blood can feel it too
rhythmic flow
a way to go yet, but
you know it’s due.

Thunder in the mountains
stirs your beating heart.

Can you gaze upon the blazing knights
resist their steeds of flame
competing with the blue to win
your love.

You close your eyes and
feel the force

Their power’s breaking through.

In your wildest dreams your
hero has arrived and
fantasies are met.

The winner claims your soul
as the thunder clashes
and the lightening strikes
an arrow in your heart.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Shared with dVersePoets Poetics

Tears of a Rose

Reflections dance here and there
across the waters pure
luring thoughts to once was love
of a butterfly
capricious in mood
…so flighty.

Love never says goodbye.

Passion showed in the reddest
red glow of heart’s and soul’s
on fire
every word and every line
a flame of deep desire.

hunger grows a chasm
a great divide
words now relegated to a
place of shrugged indifference

and, what of joy and sorrow
each a part of yesterday
(God grant there’ll be a tomorrow)
to get it right, again.

To ride the crest of waves
turn circles in a sea of air

watch lips open
… expectant

while petals await their first kiss of dew
to present them as gifts
from the heart
bequeathed as tears of a rose.


© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

 Shared with Poets United Thursday Think Tank #68 Red

Naked Sin


Smooth, smooth, smooth
she whispers words
I love to hear
breathed soft
upon a sigh.

She comes close.
As close as moistened kisses
are to skin from the
soaked satin petals
of a rose.

with all the ease and
tenderness of La Luna’s
softest glow
she sways as I gaze in
admiration upon her
jewel encrusted gown.

She sparkles
shakes her hips and shimmers
using all her feminine wiles
to entice.

Lures me in
soaks me up and breathes me
So much so, I yearn to
swim inside the deepest
undulating waves of
her warmth and
naked sin.


© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved


You can interpret this however you wish. I believe you can make anything and everything sensual without being smutty, using any bad language or porn and, I do love to go swimming. *winks

Drip Drop

I Love to walk in a soft rain. Love water, the sea, a river any water. Love it’s power of movement and magic of its sounds.


Pitter patter
Pitter Patter
it falls
in drip, drip drops of
warm, wet and wonderful
envelops and then, saturates
…Silencing the pain.

For a moment
time stands still for love
refusing to stay even for that cause
the feeling’s gone
as swiftly as it came.

You, were the fires passion.
That heat of smouldering flame
Now in its afterglow
shadows fall over longing
memories remain.

Solace comes with sleep
until an univited vision-guest
requires the dream shall spring to life
in another heros place in time.

Pitter patter,
Pitter patter
and, the beat goes on
eyelids flutter to
the music of their notes
in a-splattering of rhythmic


© Daydreamer Too  All rights reserved   




Letting Go of Love Hurts


Did you ever love someone so much, it hurts? ….I have…. twice.

My life partner passed away in Oct 2005, I loved her deeply and grieved just as deeply and, had to learn to accept that pain. Learn to embrace it and own it as being mine and accept it as the price I had to pay for loving without condition and, only then did I learn how to let her go.

When it hurts so much to lose someone you love, I have learned that instead of trying to push that pain and heart-ache away, and asking the Gods to take it away from you because you don’t want to suffer it anymore….you need instead, to ‘own’ it.  You had the pleasure of sharing the love, the pain you have when you lose it, is the price you have to pay and, unless and until you accept the pain/heart-ache and embrace it because it belonged to you and you alone, you won’t ever be able to let it go and, in so doing,  ease the pain. Once you ‘own’ your pain, you have learned the life-lesson and, you are then free and able to give it up to the ether and then, feel lighter.

Through my own insecurity and lack of belief in myself, the second person I fell in love with thought I was  jealous and, it truly wasn’t that at all, it was a constant nagging fear inside me of losing them, which made me cling on too tight and so, I lost her anyway…. because I screwed it all up, scared her away and lost her then to someone else.  So, I went into another deep mourning. Grieving her loss only, this person hadn’t passed away.

You’re happy that they are happy and because you love them you always want to know that they are happy but, you know that losing them was a lesson well learned about how you shouldn’t have behaved and you just know that if they had just trusted you with their heart just one more time and you had been their #1 priority instead of being caught up in a love triangle, you would’ve both known the bliss of sharing a beautiful friendship and love affair, because what you did share, when it was good, was a beautiful God-given thing, instead, your heart continually breaks at the loss of her into millions of tiny pieces.

I’ve always been so full of passion, I live, eat and breathe it. Everything I do is with and through passion.

I have loved this deeply twice, in my lifetime and, loving so deeply has changed me. Through losing my second love through my own failings, I have learned now to accept that, when someone tells me they love me, they mean it. They’re not just saying it and going through the motions, they actually do mean it~!!

I fell deeply in love with my late partner, deep enough to move countries to be with her and, when she died, I knew that I’d never truly loved. Oh, I thought what I felt was love but it wasn’t, because I knew I’d always kept a part of my heart back… just in case. With my late partner I trusted her love so much and through her love of me, I  learned to open up to allow myself to fully love and in return, it set me free to accept being loved unconditionally.  And, if I had trusted this other love I was given 3  years ago, life may well have been so very different now….who knows. Some things are meant to be and some things aren’t. This love we share is a soul-deep love, no matter how much bad feeling there’s been between us and no matter how much time passes, we have a need to have contact in one way or another and,  when she’s afraid, worried or in some type of emotional crisis, I can feel her still reaching out to me at times,  but…. maybe it just isn’t meant to be.

I just know I’ve been in mourning over it all too long now. It’s been too long a time and there’s no going back anymore so….. for my peace of mind I need to let it/her all go, again. She recently left the person she is with for two months to help a family member and, I had thought then that we may have another chance to be together once more but, it’s not what she wants for her life so, I need to leave her alone to live the life she’s choosing again now and pray she is always loved and happy…

So, common sense tells me I must close the door once and for all on all of this and seek out other doors that will surely open once I begin to look again.

*Who can say if your love grows, as your heart chose, only time..
And who can say where the road goes, where the day flows, only time.
…. Only time (Enya)