As a young teen I hated sports
P.T (Physical Training)
didn’t enjoy running around
like a blue-arsed fly at all
and yet for so many hours
so many days a week we’d
have to do sports.

Tennis, netball, badminton, hockey
and then there was
*Rolls eyes*
Long jump, high jump
hurdles (boy does it hurt if you
don’t clear, and crash into them)
Track racing (Grimace)
Shot put, Discus.
Hated them all
but, I did enjoy the javelin.

(To me) it was a spear.
One day the P.T teacher
said I was doing well but thought
I could do so much better.
Told me to think of someone I really
didn’t like and throw it as if they
were standing there in front of me.

My six feet four inch bully of
a math teacher immediately sprang
to mind

I threw that sucker so far and it
even stuck in the ground.
I was amazed
The teacher was so impressed she
asked me if I wanted to enter the
county schools competitions.

I said
‘No way José.’


© Daydreamertoo                     *All rights reserved

Found a pic of the British athlete Jessica Ennis and reversed the colours on it. World, European and now Olympic heptathlon gold medalist.
While I love to watch sports, I’ve never been a very willing participant. LOL

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Paper Planes

As we’ll both be using laptops I bought a wireless printer for upstairs instead of traipsing down to the rec room to use the old dinosaur with tower in the basement but, it didn’t tell me on the box we would need to be as fit as Olympians to catch each piece of flying paper.


I managed to get a really great bargain of a laptop for Chloe. She def needs one for school work now. We both used to use tower computers which are set up in the rec room in the basement but, since I got a laptop and am wireless, I can sit on the couch in the living room. I knew Chloe needed a much more modern one too so, managed to get a laptop that is a couple of years old and upgraded it all. She’s away right now but I just know she’ll be over the moon when she sees it. I would have to do my work, copy it to a CD then go and turn on my old tower to use the printer.
I love this wireless printer. Got it yesterday and set it all up upstairs but got such a shock when I was testing it and it shot the paper out half way across the room…. talk about needing to be a good catcher… LOL
I thought afterwards…I wonder if it’s because it is a Can(n)on?

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