In that softness of silence
weight of day shifts
like a sheet lifted by
invisible hands
and, for a moment
floats on air
suspended there in time.

In the still point of
the present
daylight recedes.
Windows close their eyes
to the world outside and
candlelight beckons ego to
succumb to its mesmerising

I used to look upon darkness in fear
but whispers of the heart know
the welcome alliance of
peace now which comes
inside of night’s gentle


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with dVersepoets OpenLinkNight #20

Dark to Light


A vast sky
holds its magic there for me
with a touch of silk it glides
naked, across all thought.

Dressed in her most luscious gown
night trails a waterfall of stars
and dances with other
teasing ribbons of light
that touch the soul and set
the flesh to tingle.


…. life.

Who can forget
such rhapsody once you’ve
listened with your heart
as classic lines
paint a waltz of words
on canvas in the mind
bringing forth
the cosmic dark
to light.


© Daydreamer Too   *all rights reserved


Dark to light and, back again…the circle and cycle of
life and universal love as it is, always and…unbroken.

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