Wonder Webs

Beauty speaks to us in so many ways
sometimes we see, but don’t realise
we really should be in awe.

She offers us deep reflection to
calm that inner chaos
and is found in complex
or, such simple things.

Even ugly is its own beauty
if we close our eyes but
open our minds to see beyond
to the true.

The gifts we are given abound
all around us, everywhere.

I do not like spiders
but they create such a deadly beauty
in the living of their lives

the webs they weave
so intricate and bound to fascinate
a wandering mind
when, they appear like magic
in the morning dew.

there’s beauty everywhere
and we see it as such
when we choose.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

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Winds of Song

You move the clouds along
through the freedom of your sky
all on winds of song

create soft pictures which then please
a daydreamers wandering eye.

Sometimes your tunes echo
all around these lonely hills
and I am wistful


Earth feels your kiss of passion
as you sing a lovers song
and, sometimes when you stroke
her with such tenderness
she too, sings along.

Drift on precious wind
tuneful whistler of the sky


Who has seen the wind?
Neither you, nor I.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Foxy Lady

© thorsten-milse-red-fox-churchill-manitoba-Canada

For you,
I would stop the world’s madness and greed
if I could.

Such beauty
and you have every right to be here
as much as we

Wild in your living
exactly as your life is meant to be.

I hate to think of you hunted
if, it is by natives of the regions
who respect your life
but also need the death of you to survive
then that is the way of the world
survival of the fittest
I cannot abide the thought of
yours or any other creatures
reckless slaughter
so women thousands of miles away
can wear your fur
and claim themselves as beauty

Your life is far more beautiful
to me than your death
hanging around their necks.


© Daydreamertoo            *All rights reserved

As an animal lover, I have to say I hate any animals being slaughtered just so that women can boast that they wear real fur when most people can’t tell the difference between fake fur or not anyway.

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Contemplating Life

A bit like:
‘Why did the chicken’
they cross the road around
the same time year after year
the grass is always greener.
Wishful thinking?

Cringing at the thought of crunching
I zig zag like a drunk driver would
but, it’s safe to do it here without
fear of causing harm or, calamity.

This may be their last escape
before death comes calling
everything has a reason for existing
…even them.

Zig zags back and forth completed
seeing no more
my gaze falls upon the trees
on either side of the road
Yes, autumn is in full swing now
colours so vibrant at their last
and suddenly I see the one lone
fire tree
bright bright red, colour of my passion
touch my heart and smile
remember waking up to the magic
of life, thank the Gods and you
for opening my eyes

I think of all the caterpillars
that I didn’t just kill and
thrill at the marvel of creation
as I drive a few more miles.


© Daydreamertoo      All rights reserved

*Yes, I do zig zag to not run over caterpillars crossing the road. As long as there is no other traffic on the road at the time.  Crazy… maybe.. lol

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Carry on Tuesday #175 ‘Whishful thinking’

Broken Arrow

it makes some sense.
Here I am after all the wounds
trusting life to take back
its broken arrows once again.

Sometimes so elusive
answers arrive
in tingles which wake the
softness in my soul to
search for more new wonders.

A solitary rock’s feel
fills my need for touch
Connecting through warm

New leaves on the bough
offer sweet, sweet breath
to nullify the physical aches
it’s never time to say goodbye
and I am no longer
a stranger on the shores
on the outside of life
looking in.


© Daydreamertoo            *All rights reserved

I love the dVersePoets  group but, if you’ve never taken part in the Carry on Tuesday prompt before, please take a peek and see if you’d enjoy it too.
There’s nothing wrong with linking two prompts.
Keith of Keith’s Ramblings  sets a challenge each Tuesday using either the first line of a famous poem or song and asks you to mention it somewhere in your work.  He is debating on whether to close his site down due to a lack of support, so, if you want to go read his challenge and then link up, I’m sure he would be delighted to see you there.

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Feeds my Soul

Sunlight plays across and through the
softness of her pure white down.

She teases each one
into place.
Maybe she has babies there
nestled in. She pets
protects and covers them
with her love.

Serene inside the
comfort of her being
Heaven’s water music plays
as she glides
creating ripple effect
across the water
in touching triumph
of her spirit

without even being

She feeds my soul.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

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