The Keeper

Ever silent vigil
‘neath a consipirators sky
no-one escapes her notice
through unblinking eyes.

The crescent moon bears witness
to her steady gaze….
amazed at her tenacity
and, consistent ways.

Sleek and quite unique
she’s always there on guard
hid amid the branches of
life’s tree….
(Her claws and paw prints
carved forever in those
swirling wooden circles of
nature’s history)

The wheels of time spin
on and on but who she is
and from whence she comes
remains her tale to tell.

I never knew she was there before
never saw those eyes
but, always felt the presence
of someone wiser than my
own foolish mind would
admit to caring too.


I can see forever in a
single glance, as she focuses
her mind on me
…the object of her love.

She came from my past into
these present times to
guard my fears…my worries
with her steady gaze and see me
through the troubles and trials of
these hardest living

She is a sleek and constant watcher
who made a ‘broken’ me feel whole.
She is the guardian of my life
feline….keeper of my soul.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

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(Yes, I do and in miracles too)

Nothing but a Memory

Image: Sabine Wurz

Can’t think how I got here.
I Just can’t.
Everything seems to be
as I remember
it isn’t.

I know I’m alive
my memory is intact.

If I could locate someone
then at least

I feel a slight draft
lifting my hair
I feel it.

I know these streets
but, the buildings…
I don’t know them anymore.

Why are there no darned people?

Nothing is, as was.

I should be scared
there’s a certain serenity inside
keeping the panic from rising.

Someone, is here. I can’t see
but do sense their arrival.
Suddenly a voice floods
my mind.

‘You are not you
as you once knew esistence.
You died
over 200 years ago.
you are but a memory, awakened
to God’s consciousness in
the corridors of time.’


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

He has only just ‘awakened’ and so he hasn’t met anyone else yet and confused, is still trying to find his bearings. 🙂

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Imperfect prose On being more human
Poetry Jam #Mystery The prompt was write something about mystery. Interesting challenge.

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