Too Soon

SleepingI’ve surrendered
fallen eagerly into
tenderness of
nights caress

returned to the healing
touch of darkness
where the waves dance
across the edge of my dreams
and light skips over stars
a thousand miles apart
…yet none.

Could this be
a love theme
playing just for me
an escape into the
living waters flow
of purest energy.

A pianist strokes his keys
light as a feather touch
to naked skin
and I tremble, sweep
into the sweetest
of slumber

knowing that I’ll
awaken all

too soon.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved

Older than time

Chloe had a music assignment. She had to answer questions about the 1950’s and research what TV shows were popular then, what actors, best movies, what type of songs and the names of some singers or groups famous then too. She recently heard ‘The King’ and then came the insult:
“You’re older than Elvis, right?”

Sometimes I think she thinks I’m older than time itself….LOL

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The Artist

Everything about her was sensuous
even her silhouette
rich in mystique, as her long
tresses too swayed in time
with shapely hips.

See how she move
see how she groove
Yeah, Oh yeah,
they sang peering through
the darkness
whether the lyric
was right or wrong, nobody cared
it was her song
the alliteration sounded about
right and that’s all
that mattered.

Exterior stage spotlights dimmed
audience fell silent
it went completely dark
then the lights came back on
amidst flashes of kaleidoscopic colour and
in her trademark laid back, lilting fashion
true artist and star that she is

she began to sing.


© Daydreamertoo               *All rights reserved

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A Woman Being Played

two parts of the road as a whole © Borg de Nobel

I never knew my father
He died before I was old enough to
have too many memories
but, my mother told me he could
play a piano accordian like an expert.
Although he’d never been taught
he learned to play by ear
and, just as an elephant never forgets
neither did he.

He’d pick it up and music would
soon flow as he’d squeeze it
and, like a woman being played
would make those bellows sing.

*My father died at aged 27. I was two and a half.

Shared with dVerse Poets Poetics: Paintings of Borg de Nobel

Perfect Moment

Words slip through my fingers
like sands of time
with nothing to hamper their
Should I mourn their loss
once I’ve held the universe
if just one grain was mine.

Emotional pain hurts
can sometimes pulverize us
to curl into a ball
but, it also teaches
if true perception is gleamed
once we recognise its cause
as the harshest of
all teachers.

Touch me
don’t taunt

the earth has music for

those who listen 

I thrill at droplets on skin
Wash me clean of doubt
and all synthetic care.

With crisp and clear notes
sing loves music as
whispers to my waiting soul
and blow sweet, sweet kisses
which move with sensual play
in wind slow dancing over
lips come seeking the highs
of moonlight’s shimmering

Hold still the quiet yearning
and thunder in my heart
as she finally surrenders
her milk en glow
with all God’s given grace
to the sparkles of gold in each
fresh morning sun which
trickles its simmering heat
over this desire.

Your secrets are safe with me
as I yield to music of the
cosmic vibration

and freeze myself into one
perfect moment of time.


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

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Suzi Quatro

Because of the Hippy peace movement
and the freedoms it won in the 60’s
It then became the 70’s
My era.
Life was filled with endless possibilities
anything was possible
and, I was very much

Suzi Quatro was dynamite
back then.
A beautiful, original
rock and roll one woman power house
Always on TV
on Top of the Pops
where she Canned the can
(whatever that meant)
or sang
‘Down in Devil Gate drive.’

My step-father
(though he didn’t believe in God)
said it was the devils music
my heart knew
it had no devil living there.

Suzi showed all the lovely
young women
it was okay not to look fem
in her biker-leather-jackets and jeans
she was perfect
(to me)

I busted a gut to her rock
could hold my own
on the disco floor
dirty-dancing the night away.

But she also sang a sad song
which made sense and, still means
a lot to me.

“If you can’t give me love
let me go look for somebody else.”

I took her sound advice

and did.

Keep rocking it Suzi
you are legend.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Apparently Suzi was really well known and had quite a few hit songs in the UK and Europe but not until much later in the USA. They don’t know what they missed!

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The Flying Song

Three of us and a dog
walked the beach
collecting treasures to keep.
Shells, glass, feathers and stones
we deemed too precious
to leave.

Filled with salt sea air
and, having given birth
to some of our dreams
we left for the drive home.

A request for music soon came from
the back seat as as all the
doors closed.

‘Sure, what song do you want to hear?’

Shrill voices replied in unison

‘The flying song.’

No sooner said than done.

I cranked up the volume
gave it full blast and flew
along the empty road
(going way too fast)
but without a real pair of wings
it is the only way to fly.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

It’s not a very good quality recording but, this is a song Céline Dion recorded especially for the (then) new Air Canada TV advertisment.  It has such a great beat and Chloe, her BFF Rebecca and I, would sing along to this at the top of our voices as I drove the car… LOL

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Water Music

Soft playing notes lapping
at the shores of my

A lone seagull flies high above
as white and soothing
to see its freedom of
flight as soft foam that
falls in sweet, sweet
melodies onto ripples in
the sand that also
(like the beaches in my heart)
is home to my love.

Heavens music could be no
more than this


As those living, giving
waves tease my
heightened senses.
then kiss the shore sensually
with long, long lingering notes of
quiet musical passion.
Each graceful swish a
kiss of excellence to a
lovers eager


Let the music play and I
will love you eternally

Such sweet music to my ears.

‘Oh…how I love you, sea’
Said the Earth.

And then she smiled.


©  Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Although I’m not sure where it is I do know that, that picture is of one of the beaches here where we live on P.E.I.

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Poem Sketching

Google Image by Holly Vampasaurous


a shadow of wings
blurred at the edges
and gone in a flash
yet the shortness of flight
cannot convey its depth.

Maybe a spirit
trying to find its way
(as are we all)

Water music plays
its liquid serenade
expanding the circles
in my mind
drawing me in, whilst
a distant drummer, beats
beckoning me to horizons
I have yet to dream and
shores I’ve yet to see.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with With Real Toads Poem Sketching.  I used the words: Fleeting, Shadow, Music, Shores… to write this.
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Ernesto Cortazar


I discovered Ernesto Cortazar about three or four years ago.

He was born in Mexico and died in 2004.
I have never heard anyone play a piano quite like he does. It is with such a gentle passion.
You can find his music on Youtube
Anyway, this is just one fav of his . There are so many as lovely but …..this suits the snow and winter right now.

( Tribute to Ernesto Cortazar)

He plays


I float upon the waves.

Adrift in his melodic seas
my soul feeds on
those oh-so-perfect notes.

So cold
is winters cowl
I shrink from her icy reach


need the clasp of
sparkling jewels she shares to
feast these weary eyes upon.

And still,

he plays for me…

Even though his time has passed
his music lives and lures me
like a siren call
to fall in tune with all of
natures blessed harmonies.

I can cross the great divide
turn again to love
look toward days to
come as yet


embrace them.

© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

 For the way he plays and to those he has given so much joy and happiness, he is one of my everyday ‘heros’.

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Arctic Sonata

Music plays passionate love themes
and sun light too, plays across
the quiet hours.

Glass angels keep watch
over prismatic glass candles
each one, a treasure.

Emotions unveiled
(once clear choices, too.)
I reminisce
it is what it is
and, smile for their

Winter hearts beat through
these, the coldest of days
invisible  arms envelope
the ache
and I come to peace again as
we share the Arctic sonata.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Freedom Sky

This song has always inspired me to write of the freedom and majesty of an Eagle in flight and, it is the inspiration for the following prose.
I also created the video.



On a day like no other
she opened sleepy eyes
to the hush of all around

there was nothing moving
not even,
silent sound.

A breath of the universe fell
so light from space
to touch with such a softness
the cheek of her up-turned face.

Dawn’s sun kissed distant tree-tops
with the wink of a lazy eye
and there she stood on the
tallest perch, over-looking
earth and sky.

She fluffed
She stretched
She preened herself and gleamed

Lifting feathers to a gentle breeze
she teased them away from wings
that she unfolded very slowly to
ease herself awake
preparing for the journey
she was about to make.

Caught between two worlds
of darkness and of light

To her left, were moon-lit meadows
still held in Lunar’s trance
swaying in intimate movement
of a lover’s sensual dance.

To her right, translucent sunbeams
warmed her naked skin
feathers raised and readied
she welcomed heat to reach those depths within
where memories of a thousand moons
are recalled in mystic dreams
and nothing is impossible
sing the songs of distant streams.

With one long last knowing gaze
she surveyed all that she could see
and with only a leap of faith
she opened majestic wings out wide
and caught a favoured breeze
thereupon, to glide.


Up, up and away she soared
to the freedom of her skies.


© Daydreamer Too

I love being able to let my thoughts just…fly….
Ever since I was a young child, I’ve always dreamed I could fly and know instinctively how it would really feel if I could….who knows, maybe my spirit did…in a past life.
(I guess) We are all as free as we allow our minds to be.

Shared with Poetry Pot Luck, Inspired by a song