It’s always been you
I turn to
seeking solace
when no-one else can say or do
…it’s you

the world
(at times)
seems so unkind
and water falls through
the eye of the storm.

Love knows no time or distance
there is no great divide
yet sometimes
I still try to race against
the rising tides
with tiredness as reward
for folly
(and must remember)
there’s no such thing as

O, sweet, sweet lady of the night
shine upon the shadows in my heart
you are deep in me.
You pull me close then, closer still
with your tidal sway
as deep as the sea and any other
love which lives in me.

You are my peace
You are my rage

Mystic queen of the
blessed night
and I,
I am Cancerian
addicted to you
and the beauty of
your light.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Poetry Jam #Inner & Outer limits
Poets United Think Tank #87 #Moon

The River

You rise and fall in tranquil
ripples and waves
oft times deep
cling to banks and other subtle curves
seeking every secret place.

Lure me
(like a lovers arms)
Mist lifts
showing your lust for life
as a perfect shiver runs my spine
it is all connected to
the divine through sublime
genetic memory.

she lives and breathes
free as yet, from
winters freeze and
with steady rhythmic rhythm
throbs inside my veins.

Enveloped within this embrace
I remember then
why I laughed or, cried
as thought drifts with you
on your journey
to the sea.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

For those who don’t already know, I love water.  I’m Cancer star sign, have always been drawn to any type of water, and also La Luna, the lady moon. Grew up living close to or, a short bus ride away from water in a seaside town and, cannot imagine people living anywhere that doesn’t have water nearby. When people say they live in the middle of a country, and haven’t ever seen a beach or the ocean, I just know it would kill my soul to not be near to water, albeit, a river, stream, or, an ocean. I love it’s music, movement, living energy and, nearly always find my inner peace by being close to water.

Also love the stars and space.

Life….it’s all so fascinating.

Shared with Magpie Tales #98


What draws me to you
(reasons unclear)
a powerful persuassion.
As water has always moved
seeps into uneven breathing
finds those spaces I run and hide
and lures me from the edge.

None but the brave choose
to tarry in their thoughts
of you and yet,
I fall over and over
as you wend and weave
those realms of light
across the water’s keen
and chill winds blow
toward the end of day.

La Luna
Sweet, sweet lady of the night
you’ve always held me
in your spell
and I,
I come willing
Captive to the mystique and charm
of your prelude to infinity


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Shared with Poets United Poetry Pantry #69

Another Day


Elegant blessings abound but…
am I worthy of their grace and favour.

I’ve seen beyond the black and white
of past echoes
(if anyone asks me)
I’ll always say
I love my soft-fall rain
time, and time, and time again
it washes me clean of woes and
licks my wounds
leaving a salt taste behind
simply to remind
that love is brave and
bears no regret or remorse.

If today
I write a sigh
it’s because
in the absence of daring
the word seems to suit my mood.

The hour draws near
where a galaxy of stars will
once again paint the sky
and, there I’ll dream amongst
the mystic glow of La Lunas
milken hue, knowing she won’t mind.

I’ll quietly lay and bathe in her
mysterious glow or,
(if she’s shy)
nights bluest light will
lead my peaceful sleeping into
the gold of day
at the coming of dawn
I’ll surrender freedoms wings
to turn their circles in the air
without me
as I dare once more to
wake and face another day.


©  Daydreamer Too       *All rights reserved