Ocean loveA soft breeze gently lifts my hair
sparkles on the water now increase
after winters dying.

I play a lovers theme



Let go within the
steady flow of notes amid

A harmony of mood which
(until now)
had been all too evasive.

The last battle
nearly bought about my undoing


Your spirit moved me
into no surrender.

There was a momentary madness
a necessary sadness

Yet through pain
comes wisdom

I endured the fire



©Daydreamer        *All rights reserved

Birth of Dreams

A west wind blows
warm summer winds
breaking through a mood
which is not unique
…in fact, quite the
ordinary, mundane.

Collecting all thought
in one sweet breath of life
I surf its waves and spiraling patterns

No, I cannot condemn any pain
while searching for its reason.

But, in those golden days when you
sing in praise of love or glory
will you remember too, that
once I was your stepping stone
and helped give birth to
some of your dreams.


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

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Desperate Housewives

Living at home
eldest of a handful of kids
she’s already seen enough of
bouncing balls
robbing Peter to pay back Paul
adding, subtracting what she
can and can’t.

She’s sick of following behind
them all.
Closing cupboard doors and
left-open drawers
(no matter what she says)

Spring, summer, fall
months roll by
year in year out
nothing changes.

The sting of life with its
rind peeled
can sometimes
reveal more than we wish
you cannot change ignorant
people who chose to spurn
the gift of learning.

She contemplates the ripples
(could sit there for eternity)

Can she really marry anyone
and become just like her mother.
Yet another of those, oh so
desperate housewives.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

For some reason the Wordle words led me in this direction this week.  Growing up in the messy endless noise and chaos, as second eldest of six kids, I know how she feels. LOL

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When the world closes in
(as it frequently can)
lost, once again.
Caught in the headlights
panic will rise

Hard to release
let go of it all
heart beat increase
feeling so small
paralysing fear
claustrophobia arrives
choking the mind

That’s when our power
of free-will can kick in
to make sense of the nonsense
adjusting our fluid
to the rhythm of life
turning our trials to blue.

Blue for the sky
blue for the sea
blue for the peace
residing in me.

My soul-swims in blue

Surrounding myself in your
tranquil hue
I think my way back
to serenity.


© Daydreamertoo            *All rights reserved

Everything I love is blue.  It’s always been my fav colour.

Shared with With Real Toads Based on ‘Blue’ a song by The Jayhawks

Perfect Moment

Words slip through my fingers
like sands of time
with nothing to hamper their
Should I mourn their loss
once I’ve held the universe
if just one grain was mine.

Emotional pain hurts
can sometimes pulverize us
to curl into a ball
but, it also teaches
if true perception is gleamed
once we recognise its cause
as the harshest of
all teachers.

Touch me
don’t taunt

the earth has music for

those who listen 

I thrill at droplets on skin
Wash me clean of doubt
and all synthetic care.

With crisp and clear notes
sing loves music as
whispers to my waiting soul
and blow sweet, sweet kisses
which move with sensual play
in wind slow dancing over
lips come seeking the highs
of moonlight’s shimmering

Hold still the quiet yearning
and thunder in my heart
as she finally surrenders
her milk en glow
with all God’s given grace
to the sparkles of gold in each
fresh morning sun which
trickles its simmering heat
over this desire.

Your secrets are safe with me
as I yield to music of the
cosmic vibration

and freeze myself into one
perfect moment of time.


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

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A Rare Mood

Eventually daybreak awoke with a yawn
sun, too lazy yet to push
cloud cover off
and shine.

It would be a dull day.
And, one of those days when
you too, refuse to shine.

What a rare mood to find
tucked away amidst the grey
but, within the blink of an eye
(diva on center-stage)
she entered the race, chased
the moon and its gown of clouds away
to take her throne in the sky.

© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

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Another Day


Elegant blessings abound but…
am I worthy of their grace and favour.

I’ve seen beyond the black and white
of past echoes
(if anyone asks me)
I’ll always say
I love my soft-fall rain
time, and time, and time again
it washes me clean of woes and
licks my wounds
leaving a salt taste behind
simply to remind
that love is brave and
bears no regret or remorse.

If today
I write a sigh
it’s because
in the absence of daring
the word seems to suit my mood.

The hour draws near
where a galaxy of stars will
once again paint the sky
and, there I’ll dream amongst
the mystic glow of La Lunas
milken hue, knowing she won’t mind.

I’ll quietly lay and bathe in her
mysterious glow or,
(if she’s shy)
nights bluest light will
lead my peaceful sleeping into
the gold of day
at the coming of dawn
I’ll surrender freedoms wings
to turn their circles in the air
without me
as I dare once more to
wake and face another day.


©  Daydreamer Too       *All rights reserved



All That I Am


In reaching for the stillness
I feel you.
Each breath I take, hold and, exhale
then, blends itself to crystal mist
falls in fresh teardrops of
early morning dew.
Yes, I feel you.

How far I have travelled from
a painful past.
As far as my feet would
carry me
not as far as my love
has yet to go.

Because of you
today, I am all that I am
not all that I will ever be.

You bathe my darkness
in a circle of light
that shifts the gloomy moods
back away from the edge of the abyss
up to the quiet, acceptable.

What a treasure you are
to have
to hold me
…through the longest of nights.
I’m embraced in warmth and glow
of all the love that there is
because of you
gentle spirit.


© Daydreamer Too All Rights Reserved

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