A muted sun shone in prismatic beams
refracting on the mist here and there with
excruciating colours

(how had he never noticed them before?)

The boat was so close and yet

…so far.

Was the tide coming in
or was it going out?
Maybe he would never know as
the sand about him shifted
with collective shudder.

He’d thought all of his
money had put him on the
shores of Heaven
but now…

Now he’d give it all
for legs to crawl and
arms and hands with
which to lift him up.

He strangled another sob
lest it sink him
deeper into this

His own private beach and
now a bought and paid for



© Daydreamertoo      *All rights Reserved

This picture from Magpie Tales seemed to speak to me about all of the ‘Occupy’ this and that.

Shared with Magpie Tales #95

Back to Basics

They may start with good intentions, but sooner or later most politicians become corrupt. I’ve always said money equals power, eventually most power corrupts and, absolute power creates monsters like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Gadhaffi and many more. So, in a way I’m glad we little people are having an occupy this and occupy that.

In so many ways politicians usually end up corrupt. The money, power or both, eventually goes to their head and they abuse their positions of trust then. (You only have to look at the troubles of some of the GOP candidates for president to see this.)
The new God for the past hundred years or so has become money. It is now loved and worshiped and the more some have, the more they want… and to some, no amount will never be enough.
Money and ‘things’ have become all important and seem to matter now to so many. So much more than love, kindness and compassion for our fellow human beings.
But some of us are waking up now. Starting to realising it’s all going so badly …wrong.

Shared with G-Man’s Friday Flash 55