Edge of a Dream

It was all so fleeting
a momentary flicker
inside a tired mind

the softness of my pillow
was soon forgotten then
as I followed your music into
the Will O’ the Wisp mist.

Hope hides in the cloak
of darkness
but you,
you bring a lovers kiss
to lips that too, have
tasted salt.

My soul swirls
in the movement
of your hypnotic dance.

I want you to stay
but you remain an
elusive wind-kissed-mist
there, on the edge of a dream.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

Shared with Magpie Tales #108
Poets United Pantry #91

The Tie That Binds



I hear your call
all around the lonely hills.
A harmony of natures sounds
soothes the reverie.
Sing your song of joy
like lovers do
through early morning mist
rising up to greet my
brand new day.
Whisper to me in
long swaying grass
as I clasp you to my breast
watch the waves dance
and weep for the beauty of 
their untamed rolling thunder.
Jubilant in my jeweled nights
I’ll leave tears to the Heavens
Remember in a cascading
rain of light how your fragrance lingered
entranced and captured my thoughts
in a shower of petals that yield
to nought, but love.
I surrender all will to the
eternal tie that binds.
© Daydreamer Too           *All Rights reserved

And love just IS… Simply, Love.