Parting the Shadows

A harpist plucks Heavenly strings
sending ripples through
earthly vibration

These are sweet, sweet melodies
floating just above the
sound of silence
is it that she knows?

Her gentle breath
raises hair on skin
causing butterflies to
take to flight


she knows her notes
are parting the shadows
whispering softly
to the loneliness in my soul

“Touch your heart, I’m there”

then I too
…know .


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

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Sharing the Loneliness

I felt your ache today
it matched my hearts own.

Pull the strings too tight
it might just cut me deep
then, see me bleed upon the
blade of your pain.

My sorrows were yours
and you are my tomorrows.

But the past is
dead and gone away.

Today the angels wept
for you
left their tears
as gifts of dew
glistening in the dawn
and my tomorrow woes may
never come.

So I took you in my arms
and held you close
(small comfort)
and you wept the tears
that I no longer cry
(another silent sigh).

Your breast heaves
the heaviness of hearts
that have no home.

I shared your pain today
we were together
but yet, remained


© Daydreamer Too  *All rights reserved

There are all kinds of loneliness, we can be in a long-term relationship yet, still feel utterly… alone. I wrote this a very long time ago but it was applicable  to the Poets United Think Tank prompt this week.

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