Freed to Love

catwoman-wow1She wasn’t a beauty in the
perceived physical sense


she was perfectly beautiful.

No, she wasn’t without flaws,

(for, none of us are)

she was perfectly perfect for
the hearts made to love her
in all that she was


when her eyes gazed into mine
I saw the universe through her soul and
knew without doubt she had freed my own
from its eternal quest to know true love.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved

Gracious Days

DrowningA pleasing thought
of you


reminding of this lost
perched in the soul.

Only silence
knows how to be a shadow
in this graciousness
of days.

I balance
in bountiful splendour
‘neath clear blue skies
and beloved water flow

Reminded of
what was
reaping wisdom from pain


of nearing worlds
in other kaleidoscopic spectrums

whilst subsumed in
Earth’s gentle unfolding.


©Daydreamer         *All rights reserved

Life’s Prize


Rain, rain, rain
falling on my mood

hits the roof
I sit in
filling me with…


Is that hope I see
on the other side
shifting the misery
and gloom.

A loan gull floats
upon wild waves
amid white horses
galloping a pace

the water too
as restless
tosses, rolls
releases him once
again to swim.

I shiver like
the tree limbs do
still awaiting the cloaks
to hide their naked
winter sleep.

and I…

I hold this time within
and count it as
life’s prize.


©Daydreamer *All rights reserved

Where there is Love

Inside the chrysalis of earth
from origins unseen
love, is nature’s dream

Given birth and courage to dare
we become butterflies
to dance on air
for just a moment of time

a moment is eternal
past, present, future

You may say:
There is no hope
I say:
Where there’s life there’s hope
and where there is love
there is life


Love is life
Life is love.


© Daydreamertoo           *All rights reserved

*I Believe

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Carry on Tuesday #181 Where there is love there is life.


If we knew all of the answers there would be no point
in our existing anymore.
He who can no longer pause to wonder and
stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead;
his eyes are closed
The most beautiful thing we can experience
is the mysterious. It is the source of
all true art and science.

As a youth I took it so for granted
it hadn’t done me any favours
to me, it was neither here nor there
and yet, and yet,

I never stopped searching for the truth.

At the center of the ball of cosmic string
I found love the biggest thing
the reason for everything
…and life, well
everything about it fascinates.


I will never stop seeking life’s truths
until the day I die.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

Life itself is a gift.

The words in italics are quotes by that very famous Brain Albert Enistein

 Shared with Poets United Wonder Wednesday? #8 E=mc2… or,  Einstein quotes

Sun Worship

A chill wind blows across my skin
snow is on its way and
this is a time of change

Nothing stands still
not even the fleeting moment
of writing these lines.

I watch you
and wonder how far my feet
might carry me today.

There’s no distance too great
to travel out of silence
back into the noise of now

I love the sway of
illusionary movement captured
as a cloud passes by and, I could swear
you just winked your eye.


©  Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

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Never Ends

I sometimes laugh
believing smoke and mirrors
hides unspoken signs of
my physical pains.

Maybe you will never see
the other side of me
The side I choose to
keep ‘neath that surface
of the smooth veneer
I share.

Some have seen
the other sides

Those sides I try to hide.

The sometimes sad
and melancholy parts
that remember Oh so well
why it was I gasped

then, had to tell myself

…Keep breathing.

The side that knows
deep within, that same
passion still boils
(rages at times)
through want and need.

A flowing stream
rampant, rapid

Thoughts running wild
rivers wind and bend

Spinning and spinning
the world goes on

life teaches
willing students

I saw a tiny teardrop
changing history
as I watched it fall
to leave a memory
before passing from here
in such a fleeting moment

into a time which

never ends.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

*I believe we are all multi-faceted beings and intentional or not, we show different sides of ourselves to different people.  For example, we behave completely differently at home with our family than we do with co-workers and such. Always been a deep, deep thinker.:)
With regard to myself I like to think I am s transparent as I can be.
I’m a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)

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All roads lead Home

You always come to me softly
in the softest notes I can find
to play at end of day
to reverberate the strings of my heart
touch the deepest parts which
still see me yearn.

I swim through life’s winding lanes
sometimes upstream others
never knowing if the next wave
will swamp or lift
to crest and seek another which
carry further along.

How far would you go?

Each time I think I’ve reached my own
the destination changes and
off we swim again


Logic dictates, that eventually
all roads lead to home.


© Daydreamertoo               *All rights reserved

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Primary succession

Warmed by the sun
cooled in the shade
immovable forever
and impenetrable
or, so it seemed
But when there is a will to live
life has a way of being stubborn.

it flew in on the wind
or, was dropped by a passing bird
there on the surface where
it too remained
warmed by the sun
cooled in the shade

in need of not much earth
to sustain
and watered by rain to

Soon it grew roots which
pushed their eager way
into all the minuscule crevices
which then shape-shifted and split
accommodating room
and, from nothing
grown into something
the tree was born

tall, but supple
and when the wind blows
it will pass its own new seed along
through time’s enduring.


© Daydreamertoo       *All rights reserved

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How simple
life really is
if we have the chance to
make it so.

I don’t want much
there are no rough edges
on the colours of my need

it’s smooth, smooth, smooth.

Say the words I want to feel
and not those words I hear
in the silence of a heart
that waits again to share
peels of joy and laughter.

Tick tock, tick tock
that blessed clock I love to hate
beats out its measured time
reminding me

I too have numbered days.

I see creeping grey
and know its stealth in a
new wealth of historys lines

The chill of autumn
sits upon my tongue
and I savor the earthy taste
from the passion of a dream.

I don’t want to walk a maze
for life

want to be


I’ve had enough of lifes
rough edges

when they cut

they cut too deep and hurt too
much to try and stem the rush
of gushing blood in painful tides

so much

I wished to run and hide myself
away and never know
such pain again


without the pain
there would never be a bliss

No salvation from a
lovers kiss to thrill

to fill those aching wounds
and entice them back
to smoothness.


How Simple

all I want from life is



© Daydreamertoo        *All rights reserved


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Red Symbolism

So beautiful
this bright red leaf
passion lying there
on the ground

I feel coolness beginning now
snap at naked heels
Mornings arrive
but the sun takes a while
to say ‘hello’
as mist marches down the path
like ghost’s I’ve loved
come from the past
all arriving at once

Overwhelmed in the floating grey
I watch it hide trees from view
and fight an insipid autumn sun
for possession of her sky


nature sings its song
through thickness of the stew
ignoring all the ghost’s still
intent on play
but the sun in all her glory
was stronger than its might
and won the fight without a
word to say.

Trees shook off their shroud
and once again stood proud

The red leaf is dying
life goes on and
the past we’ve known is simply
somewhere we have been.


© Daydreamertoo                  *All rights reserved

*Yesterday I saw the most perfect red leaf on the ground. Not a bit of it was any other colour but red. I thought it so beautiful but, was reminded it was also so sad because it was so beautiful in its dying.

Shared with dVerse Poets   Meeting the Bar: Symbolism
Poets United Autumn


A restless wind blows wild
across the barren waste here
where there are only two seasons per year
summer and winter.

I live mostly beyond the
reaches of man and yet am still
touched by his mindless destruction.

Fox, hare, caribou and bear
all survive
I am alive.
If I die
so too, will they

I am the Arctic tundra
am rapidly dying away.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

*I could have chosen an Arctic creature for my subject but, wanted to say that the tundra itself is alive and supports all type of creatures. With the effects of (supposedly non existent global warming) called ‘climate change’ I wanted to speak from the actual tundra point of view itself.
If the ice keeps melting as rapidly as it is, so many creatures will disappear too. It doesn’t bear thinking about.

For an interesting read Arctic Tundra Disappearing as temperatures rise

Shared with With Real Toads: Transforming Fridays, Tundra

Zen Balance

Once clouds in my eyes blocked
the silvery burst I’d see at night
Life’s sweet, sweet music went unheard
and dust in the wind
made the river cry


after the storms took a gliding swan-dive
she shone through all the veils
she wore protecting her modesty

Her halo embraced me as I walked
back out of a muted fog
One in which I couldn’t see
back into the balanced clearing
back into clarity.

I was going home to where
my heart has room to love and
many more rooms to spare.

We live in mysterious ways
and don’t need for spells to
be broken.

The ship of dreams I sail upon
is as clear in vision as a peel of
church bells

Life, is ever changing.

Sands upon the shore
wander by night and day alike.

I have to be this free
have to be me
Was born to fly high
where not only the wind
can breathe.

No matter where I am
Earth’s beat will always find me
come wind, and rain or hell-fire
I am myself
the journey home.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Daydream Believer

If we’re really living it
there’s nothing trivial about life
we all differ in what feeds our soul
every little thing is significant
to us, one way or another.

I halt the walk
through the rat maze
long enough to observe the
life in trees.
I see the veins in leaves
this too, is me
every vein matters
no matter how small
and, the sap within.
How can we ignore
the importance of it all
when in truth
it is all there is.

Life in all its pain and glory.

At the end of everyday madness
I cast myself away
drift once more in daydreams
where a pen guides all thought
across an empty page
I’ll write once more
that I would still risk anything, for love.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

Daydreaming/Meditation/Pondering life’s daily events while listening to soft music in the background or, in silence, is where most of my inspiration to write comes from.  But, while I love this time of quiet reflection, I do live in the real-life (mess) of this world.
But without our hopes and our dreams which feed us, keep us wanting to achieve, what do we have left?

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The Tree of Life

Sometimes bogged down in the mire
caught among the roots
we dwell in that chill of dark
content that this is what it is
to live our preordained destiny.

But our fate is ours by birth-right

If we own nothing at all
we do own the choices we make.

The tree of life stands tall
but what dreams may come if we
choose to climb.

I refuse to live amid those
cold dark roots
by hook or by crook I’m climbing its
trunk, all of its limbs and
cut, bruised or bleeding, will
scramble my way to the top
Nothing will keep me
from seeing the stars.

We sometimes disappoint daily
fail to do what’s right
the Creator never has nor, does.

We’re given brand new days for each
of us to try again.
We can choose to make the
same mistakes and remain
exactly where we are in place
but, that is not for me
I’ll be busy climbing
that tree of life
(if we love it)
what choice do we have
but to follow where it leads.


© Daydreamertoo                 *All rights reserved

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