A Painful Bliss

writing2The page was blank
but, it began with words
a song, a smile
music, laughter shared.

A glance, a dance
two hearts afraid
take another

Life had bought us
to our knees where
we prayed
You, in your way
me, in mine.

Battles fought, lost and won

A touch, a kiss,
hurts undone.

Path then taken
to the greatest love
twin souls caressed
each others tears
and all of fear
soon fled.

A beginning
a middle
right through to the end.

Such painful bliss.

© Daydreamer                         *All rights reerved


Ocean loveA soft breeze gently lifts my hair
sparkles on the water now increase
after winters dying.

I play a lovers theme



Let go within the
steady flow of notes amid

A harmony of mood which
(until now)
had been all too evasive.

The last battle
nearly bought about my undoing


Your spirit moved me
into no surrender.

There was a momentary madness
a necessary sadness

Yet through pain
comes wisdom

I endured the fire



©Daydreamer        *All rights reserved

Touch Your Heart

598005874d9d18229e9f59c4cf6e64d0-1Passion stirs
words seek once again
to play.

She lives in a world
of want and need
surprised again by a longing
which she’d thought
was quenched.

as the fire burns
still she yearns
each passing day

to feel alive

She gains strength
from love in ways which
most may never know
and, never

Touch your heart, I’m there

She touches it

Assured of the presence
still held safe in that
deepest of connection.

Even in death

…She has never left.


       ©Daydreamer              *All rights reserved

A World Apart


Shall I cry the lonely tear
see it fall
then follow it to
empty hands.
watch its plop
and spray

The days of tears are
long gone.

Minds meet and souls greet
such a welcome home to love.

No more oppression
nor helplessness
as distance dulls

Leaves a healing
span between,
and all of guilt
slips free.

There are no broken wings
or promises


there is a knowing held between
the breeze and I
that will fly in silence
to some distant shore on
an endless breath of time.

Barefoot in the sand
I lazily traced

a wish

a dream

and comes a chance for change
that may turn days
upside down.

Footsteps to the unknown.

Fear reaches for its key
but, I hold back on its
permission to pass.

Lapping at warm skin
water slaps atop the rocks

My ears attend those
deepest churns and gurgles as nature
attempts this impossible embrace
acutely aware
the liquid always pulls me in.

A seagull dives from the sky
into blue and,
all without fear

as I…

As I
a world apart

prepare to dive back into my own.


©Daydreamer      *All rights reserved


Through passages of time
fragmented memories remain
noble in truth
what we do here
echoes into eternity.

I’ll climb and keep on climbing
until all the mountains
are conquered
and, standing tall will hear
whispers of night breezes
still softly teaching wisdom.

The view from there will be clear
as clouds part, open unto the universe
and Heaven’s breath reaches down to
fill the swell of my soul
blessing it with the key
to paradise
not yet, I pray

not yet.


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

*This is my Utopia.
You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. (John Lennon)

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Living leaves its marks
in wrinkles and laughter lines
or battle scars
which, some wear with pride
whilst others try to hide them
in the depths of their

smoke and mirrors blind us
to our truths
we’d rather believe what
isn’t there than have
to face the pain we need to
through the error
of our ways.

The maze is one long walk
from start to end
with codes to be deciphered
by minds which do not understand
the many reasons, why


shadows on the shades declare
this will be another
beautiful day.


© Daydreamertoo          *All rights reserved

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There is an original song that I always loved by Bob Dylan called ‘Knocking on Heavens Door’ (Beautiful song )  and then an artist called Gabrielle did a new song in 2000 but with part of Bob Dylan’s music included in it. It’s this one in the video.
I’ve always loved the line:
‘Look at my hopes, look at my dreams, I’m building bridges from these scenes now, I’m ready to rise again.’

Too lost in you
wanting to believe
now, free from always wondering

reflection shows a wiser face
experience written in each
new line
and, a smile hides the sadness.

Forgiveness is paramount
to moving forward
and time turns lies to
specks of dust wiped away
with slips of ragged cloth
from those pieces of my heart.

How fragile we are.

we weave that fabric back together
sewing hope within its folds.

Each heartache and pain
if not about others
then, something we didn’t
know about ourselves
and, when we have learned


we are ready to rise again.


© Daydreamertoo                   *All rights reserved

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Like a Rose

Google Images

I gave the gift of an Angel
prayed for it to
watch over
as I too was given mine
because love gives without
expectation of reward
or return


like a rose, I opened myself up
to grow within its light.

Drink with me to days gone by
for they will never come again
nor should they
memories will remain in gold

But on days like these
it’s nice to cup that warmth
Hold it for a while
sipping at the splendor
Life’s richest palate upon the tongue
slip it down
blend it with our inner spectrum
breathe it quietly for a while
revel in its feel
with a sigh of blessed gratitude
give it back unto the world.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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Mind Games

In all honesty
I expected something
but life has shown
(once again)
I ought not to
have at all.

I am the shadow of love
where once, I was its
sparkle in her eyes


Nothing is lost

she was not who
I thought she was

Just the figment of a yearning
that simply played games
in my mind.


© Daydreamertoo      *All rights reserved

The promt is the photograph and the thoughts we take from it. At first I thought she was wearing a fake beard *rolls eyes* until I enlarged the picture to discover it’s a bow around her neck. Apparently her husband (the photographer) liked to play with shadows and light.

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Forever for Always

The flavour of love plays cold
across my tongue
no sweetness now in dawn’s moist kiss
to lips of a dying rose.

Winter renders everything

The road to here filled
with blood, sweat, and tears
anger, pain and sorrow
Yet even then
(because of love)
I seek no retribution for it all.

In close proximity to Earths
sweet breath, I too, breathe now
within her harmonies
A silent witness looking in
on the emptiness of their
lost souls.

No, I seek no revenge for
tortures of the past even
unto the final closing of eyes
For the heart knows that
ancient truths do not lie
in causing yet more harm.

The task remains the same

Contemplate, absorb, sift
thank them for the pain
for, it’s that pain which teaches
us the lesson

then, move on

forever for always


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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A life less Ordinary

Once again
I reached for the impossible
now, shrug my shoulders


as a whistle on the wind
from nowhere


Sends shivers up and
down my spine

(or was it a panicked gasp for air)

No matter


It carried with it
a smile I once knew


Just when I allow you in

…you leave,

(a reason, a season or, a lifetime)

So fleeting was
the moment passed
and all that happened in one
breathed-in gasp.

I let the silence speak
with its healing touch


in its blessed sanctuary
am admitted to the
fountain of knowledge
where I’ll drink and know
for sure, there
is no future without love

and this truth


Gives the reason to see
through a kaleidoscope of colour

A life less ordinary.


© Daydreamertoo  *All rights reserved


Life and Love:
I have never been what anyone has expected me to be. Never lied nor, had to hide my truths from anyone. Always been myself, even if being myself doesn’t conform to what is considered the ‘norm’    ….
Why be a sheep if I can be the shepherd.

Its not about getting through life unscathed and untouched by life or, love.

It’s about being in the ‘now’ moments and living for those ones that are so fantabulous we feel free to really live them and not worry about anything but that moment in time. Those are the moments which take our breath away, then we know we are living ….because we really do feel….alive!

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Thank you for the nomination. I would like to nominate Life Between The Lines LBTL for the next perfect poet award.

Stepping Stones


Without backward glance
in sunlight, she looks toward tomorrow
with smiles like a breeze
on warmer days than these.

Little things give silent strength

a harmony of accepting that
which is…


Past is past.

The beat of one moment hangs on
fragile lines in a spider-web
along the strands of time.

Those souls we touch
are but stepping stones

we are the stepper
we are the stone

always moving forward
to fulfill our destiny.

Yesterdays fantasies turn to dust
in tenuous reflections from
the living stream
where we all play center stage
in this prelude to infinity.


© Daydreamer Too        *All rights reserved


Just some thoughts on how opportunity knocks. Sometimes we are the stepper and others who touch our lives ensure that we move forward and, sometimes we are the stone, which in turn allows others who touch our lives to go forward from their having met us.

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