A lone drum beats
matching the rhythm of my heart
touches the deepest part
with its sensual call.

Someone, somewhere
is writing a new history
in hues of black or blue
and, stone too, in time
will unfold the legend.

Those were the days my
friend, when memories fade
but love will always
find you.

Eyes meet as souls greet
with an old familiarity
As if they’ve loved before
in other lifetimes so
long ago and far away.

Time flies but nothing is
ever really left unsaid

No matter how ancient
from beginning to end

We learn if we listen
with our heart

There is no language
or legend
that cannot be read.


Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

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The Wish

She dwells in mermaid majesty
a princess of the sea.
Hears the music of it all
in liquid symphonies.

She knows the calm
(the blue)
The constant flow of life
in water’s peace.

She has the sun’s warmth
to caress her natural nakedness.

Charm, grace, beauty beyond
compare, and, the gift of
speech to mystical creatures of
the deep in haunting songs that
will always be a mystery to
the likes of you and me

but yet….

her heart desires more.

A fire in her soul burns bright.
One lone candle through the 
longest nights of her 
aquatic infinity.

There is something she 
must fulfil.

An ache that’s held her
since its make….

For, she wishes she 
could fly, just like faeries
through the sky, and go to
places never seen except in
past’s far distant dreams.

A gentle swish.
A whooshing swirl (or
was it Neptune’s trident’s twirl?)

From out of nowehere
bubbles form and into these
her wishes born.

Somehow she takes off
into the sky, and, as I 
watch her fly I realise
that we too can… 

Give life to our


© Daydreamertoo   *All rights reserved

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When Perseus cut off the Medusas head, she bled.
Dripped her life-force into a frothy foaming sea
and you were born, then rose up
Flying Horse.
Oh, white winged steed, strong in body, swift of speed
and bravest heart of all.
A frolicsome beast, you feasted then kicked a hoof
accidentally opened a spring (since then called) The Hippocrene
from out of which water gushed, and when those drank
from this new fountain they began to sprout poetry and other
musings well to tell of your tales of daring do for
all of time, to remember you.
And when he showed you the Golden Bridle you came tame.
Allowing Bellerophon to claim then ride your muscular frame and
thereby he named you


With him astride your back you rode across the sky
soon flew into battle and slew the beast Chimera, then
raced off to face adventures, ever new.
And he loved you flying horse, black-eyed sturdy steed
of speed and darling of the Gods.
But then Bellerophon presumed too much and as such bid
you fly up to Mount Olympus, thereby angering Zeus in
as much as he in turn sent down a stinging fly which saw
you buck and chuck Bellerophon from off your back,
and he was lost.
But with long white mane and tail flowing freely in the
breeze you rode on once more with feathered wings that
flapped again and an ease that took you up to meet your
destiny with one God.
Soon mighty Zeus took one look at you, fell in love, entrusting
you his thunderbolts to carry, and you served him so well that
when your time was done he couldn’t bear to leave you
away from him too far and, being God of all Greek Gods he
ensured your silent immortality by making you
a constellation of stars.

© Daydreamertoo    *All rights Reserved

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Legends of Love


I gaze into the blue beyond the known
upon halls of wonder
where history was written
on walls that hold
the silence well
painted scars show a past
of passionate days
gone all too quickly


rising mist clears its shroud
revealing tales of derring-do
that endure in legends of
love and of heros.

Two became one in an
unwinding stream of
poetry in pictures and
artistic waves of love
that sailed straight from the heart
crossed a sea in twilight
to disappear into the
bluest land of forever
in the deepest caverns
of the mind.


© Daydreamer  Too      *All rights reserved

I loved this picture as soon as I saw it,  basically because it’s mostly blue and you won’t know it, but blue has always been my favourtie colour. (I think) the picture also conjours up a little magic and mystery too?
This made me think of all the ancient cave paintings they’ve discovered in caves all over the world now dating back in time through millennia, because of course, by word of mouth or, pictures at that time, were the only way to hand their strories down through the generations.

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Frozen in Stone


Harpist’s glide their fingertips
light, across the strings
touch a thousand cords
and touch but one, in me.
The purest sound of
Heaven’s tender sighs
I listen, mesmerised.

Even now,

I weep for you
for me,
in trickles that fall
from those pools in my eyes.


the sad moments
the best moments
those perfect moments


If forever was frozen in stone
love could still leave a stain
that history would never
wash away.


© Daydreamer Too *All rights reserved

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The pic is of something that’s always intrigued me. The Rosetta Stone.
Three ancient languages all on that one tablet. Amazing!
The top section contains ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, the middle portion, Demotic
(a lower class, everyday Egyptian script) and the lowest portion is Ancient Greek.
Because it presents essentially the same text in all three scripts
(with some differences between them), it provided the key to the modern understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphs.
Always loved his(her)story

The prose is a mix of thoughts of how stone contains a ‘history’ all of its own, with or without writing on it and, what stories it could tell if it could speak but also, that (Unlike paperback books) something written in stone is very hard to erase even through millennia.

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Wordle Words


Thoughts twirl in a dance of clouds
love is always in the air
(for those who dare)

Light as threads in gossamer wings
flit across a tangled sky
…sparks fly.
Kaleidoscopic in their mix
of splits and slit of
serpents tongues
reaching down
to you and I from
that temple of the Gods
who sprinkle a lackadaisical
hand of stardust
to woo us with their majick
so that we may relate their
stories through the eons
of legends they know will surely last
in etches made on wood
on stone or, bone.


© Daydreamer Too      *All rights reserved


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The Challenge here is to write something, anything of your choice as long as it contains 13 words that the wordle organiser has chosen for us.
I enjoyed this challenge!
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