Against all Odds

As a child all that was known
was hurt and betrayal
So many strangers, absolute fear
till fear itself was champion.

A mind full of doubt, mistrust
utter chaos of dark paths
and night terrors
with only one clear goal
…to escape.

I hated the world
my life
and most of the people in it
who took away my childhood
my innocence and trust
met other haters and didn’t
like what I saw
determined not to fall into
the repeating cycle and become
filled with only bitterness
set out to fill my mind with
knowledge because, knowledge
is power.

To learn as much as I could
from books, from people
from anyone and anything who
knew so much more than I
about what life is really
supposed to be.

Like a sponge that could never
have its fill
I learn something new
every day…still.

There’s no comfort in hate
no satisfaction in holding onto
anger which simply destroys the
heart which feeds it
instead I chose the way of love
To fill my mind with only that
and nestle into the soft compassion of
its pure white light and energy.

We are all sinners
each and everyone of us
‘What we think is what
we become.’

Instead of being a victim
I chose instead, to become…. me.

You get back what you give out

this is our Karma.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

As a young teen I was so angry at the world, even angry with my mother for the dreadful childhoods we had. Til I met a whole load more angry young people just like me in the army and realised, I wasn’t the only one who ever suffered and, didn’t want to hate the world, I just needed to discover what life had made of me thus far and to learn that because ‘this’ has happened it did not mean ‘that’ (hate)  had to happen as a consequence.
All of our lives we are growing, learning, teaching, and we never stop day by day. We shape our lives by the choices we make good or, bad.

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What we build
we eventually destroy

through the barren years
lean years
dead years
aftermath of some catastrophe
or other

Dust flourishes on all surfaces
in every nook and cranny
it can find
all that is left of a people
gone behind.

Greed, violence
just some of the elements in
man’s inevitable demise
common or rare
this fountain of knowledge
somehow still stands.

So good to be believed in once.
These books,
these imposing keys to imagination
but soon may crumble back to earth
while their truly original
means of birth are freely
growing once again.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

I cannot imagine a world without books. I came across this photograph somewhere online and it started me off thinking what would it be like after some type of global catastrophe had occurred.
I know some people love them but, I also cannot imagine myself ever loving these hand held kindles and other electronic readers. To a book lover, there is no greater pleasure than being surrounded by books, picking then up and holding them, old or new. The new ones, I love smelling that newness and, thumbing gently through it’s pages, reveling in that touch.  Can’t stand people who break their backs, write in them or, turn the page over to keep the place either!  That’s what bookmarks are for! …LOL

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You Know

Another day
Another dream
nothing is ever
as it seems.

A rain of light
sweeps across the desert
of my heart
quenching each thirst
of my desire in
life’s endless mirage.

Love wears no chains

It’s ancient
Timeless and free.

Souls seeking safe harbour
nestle inside a total eclipse

Alone with destiny
ignoring the last requiem

Clouds part

Light appears


The tree of knowledge
grows and shares

Change is everything.
Everything we touch
is itself
forever changed.

Deep down you know

you just, know.

We are all part of life’s cycle

Real love last’s forever
and the circle
cannot be broken.


© Daydreamertoo     *All rights reserved

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