Stairs and Swears

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Same thing every morning.
She arrives, and immediately flops sideways into the arm chair to fall back to sleep for a few more minutes

“Getting up time” I call, as I do every day.
Clomp, clomp clomp down the stairs then a sudden bang, followed by: ‘Ow’

“What did you do?”

“I forgot to turn.”


Those are not our actual stairs but I wanted to show what I mean by our stairs face one way and then there’s a small landing and they twist back on themselves to remain facing the same way.
When I asked what the bang was, still being half asleep… Chloe forgot to turn and had walked into the wall.

*No kids were harmed in the production of this 55 😉

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Our cell numbers were showing unknown number. Called technical support. Told him Chloe uses hers for mainly text messaging and BBM. I backed up her phone in case she lost her messages and said that she’d sent over 1,300 in less than 2 weeks
He giggled and said “Oh my”

No wonder she wanted unlimited!


When we first got our cell phones the SIM cards would not take our numbers for some reason. It didn’t bug Chloe but it bugged me that no-one knew it was me calling them. So, I called tech support and we chatted as he tried to find a fix for the problem. We got around to discussing Chloe’s texting… he really giggled when I said how many texts she’d sent in such a short time. Thank goodness I had thought to put ‘rules’ in place about times during the day and what time of night she can be on there until or, it would probably be in the millions by now.

We are creating our own technological Frankenstein monsters…*rolls eyes* LOL

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The man just down the road from where we used to live had three chickens that he kept in a little wooden run and wire fencing at the side of his house but through the day, they were free to wander as and where they wished and keep in mind, we lived in a small fishing village, no-one there had yards that were fenced in. So, sometimes the chickens were not in his own yard.

Around 5 am one morning I was awoken to a loud cock-a-MUFFLED-do…It can’t quite seem to get the doodle sound out and so it missed that part of its morning call…..Oddest sounding rooster I ever heard. It didn’t just do it first thing in the morning either, it cocked-it’s-muffled-doodle at all hours of the day… and this was not a one time effort, it happened repeatedly, maybe ten times over. I’d guessed it was young and practicing.
Chloe told me the guy who has the chickens now has a rooster…..Ohhh Really! No doubt in my mind who is to blame for my new even earlier than early, morning alarm calls.

As I had to learn, most kids think they know it all. At 12, Chloe knew everything there was to know about anything. (At 16, still does)
If I told her once, I’d tell her a dozen times, never ever put your face into an animal’s face, not unless you know them and know their nature…unless of course it’s our dog Timmy or, her hamster.
But cocky as ever, full of wisdom that she had yet to earn, she didn’t believe me, thought I was talking nonsense.

I was in the back yard one day raking up grass into piles after it had been cut. Chloe is off school, sees the chickens are out roaming free and before I can say anything, she runs off down the road with Timmy off his line, closely following  her.

I’m guessing Tim sees the chickens and (being a typical Terrier) chases them instead.

Then I hear him barking and Chloe screaming. Such a high pitched scream, as if she was being murdered.

I look up to see her running like a bat out of hell, all arms and legs flyyyyyying and flailing as fast as her 12 year old legs would let her go and, fear etched all over her face, as she runs around the back of the house to where I am. Screaming again: “Help me…. help me Bren.”

Somehow or other, she’d gotten the rooster angry and….. He was so mightily miffed at her, he was chasing hard after her. He was hot on her heels all the way back to our house and, he wasn’t about to quit his chase either. Because he was all stretched out in his chase, he looked so tall and so big!

Chloe hides behind me, Timmy is trying to defend us both, all eight pounds of him. The rooster is still after Chloe….I had the rake in my hand and just held it out to break it’s focused concentration on getting Chloe. I moved the rake towards it and told it to “Shoo” a few times and, along with it keep squawking/swearing, it then began jumping high into the air…..swore some more… fluttered it’s wings…. and then thankfully, it waddled off back to its own yard.

I can’t tell you how funny it was seeing her come around the side of the house with this large white rooster hard on her heels squawking and swearing at her….. For laughter value…it was Priceless.

I asked her what she’d done to make him so angry, had she teased it or the chickens?… She said: “Nothing”…. Knowing Chloe, I found that hard to believe, but the rooster may well have been protecting his Harem.

Anyway after that episode she said, she’d never go near any live chickens or roosters ever again…. LOLOL

Ahhhhh those life lessons….. some can even be funny.

©  Daydreamertoo

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Adventure Playground

The land had been donated, it
was being built by students and
student teachers from Sussex University
for us local kids to have somewhere to
go, to run around and have fun.

My friends, younger brothers, sisters and I
were helping, when we weren’t
running around like lunatics.

All rough and tumble
there was always
mud, sometimes blood and tears
but it was always such an adventure.

This type of park was a new idea
(in England).
They turned trees into forts
and made high walkways that had to be
negotiated with care because there was only
rope as a side bar to hold onto

and, on some trees they tied zip lines
about twenty feet above the ground
sloping down the hill
where we’d climb up to the platform
and queue like fools waiting
to jump off and swing
yelling like Tarzan as we whooshed
down the line
holding on to the rope pulley for dear life
because there was no harness to sit in back then
it was all hanging on and on a wing and a prayer
adrenaline on fire through
excitement and fear.

There were no safety nets anywhere
we were tough and if you fell
you hurt and you yelled.

We’d swing on tyres
hanging from those trees
fall off
scrape our hands and knees
get back up and do it all
over again

when we were tired out
we’d join the student teachers
sit around their camp fire
where they’d
talk about peace and love
and teach us hippy songs like
Kumbaya and
Blowing in the wind.


© Daydreamertoo *All rights reserved

LOL Some of my ….good old days.

*The images are all from Google but, our Adventure playground was much the same. There was nothing built by anyone official to do with making ‘safe’ playground for kids back then. It was all rough and ready and….a huge adventure to us kids who weren’t too scared of getting hurt.  LOL

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“It’s so easy Bren, you just get on and you go.” They all shouted at once.
“I’m not so sure I know what to do.” I replied, a little nervous.
“Just do it Bren. Go on!”
So, on it I jumped and as the wheels spun, I wobbled and soon ended up on my bum.

My nephews all nagged me to try skateboarding when it first came to the UK. I was in my late 30’s then, still young enough to feel pretty invincible and not worry too much about broken bones (back then.) They had their skateboards outside and we had a long path at the side of the house, they were all nagging on at me to have a go.
Having been a decent roller skater I thought a skateboard was the same, so easy. I didn’t realise the wheels were on a balance thingie and the board itself rolled from side to side so, you went sideways as well as forwards. As soon as I stepped onto it…it started moving and I came right off onto my butt. That was my first and last ever try on a skateboard.
They are strictly for the young or foolish. LOL

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Fifteen and a half, growing up so fast, Cinderella went to the end of year dance. All dressed up with silver high heels. She danced and she danced, had a ball at the ball. I picked her up at ten and she said: “Had such a great time, but boy my feet are killing me.”


I asked: “Why are your feet hurting, you do know none of the women dance in high heels at dances, don’t you?”

“Oh… I saw them all dancing without shoes and thought… I’m the only one still wearing mine.” (Rolls eyes)

Still, feet killing her aside…she had a fabulous time!

Our little Yorkie Timmy was wondering what she was up to, as I was taking some pics of her to send to family … LOL

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